Small town trap...  

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3/20/2005 9:40 pm

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Small town trap...

So, I'm sorry if I sounded uber-depressed earlier today. I think part of it was that I am really underwhelmed by pretty much everything right now...not to mention that school is starting back up again..yuck.

On the up note, there is a SLIGHT chance that one of my friends from the 309 (IL if you didn't know) could be coming this w/e to help me out with my little problem that I've been constantly bitching about. Hopefully, that happens so I won't be so damn frustrated anymore.

Don't worry about me...I'm not gonna jump out a window or's just me overdramatizing. I just figure since it's open forum and SOMEBODY actually reads it that it would help...and it did!

Thanx to all who offered advice and a swift kick in the ass...
Keep reading, and good night

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