Long time no see  

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4/13/2005 3:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Long time no see

I figured I'd take a break from this blog thing for a while; for starters, I had nothing interesting to write about, which is apparent by the rather depressing lack of views and responses. Secondly, I was doing really badly in school, and apparently failing class is bad if you were in the top 30% of your high school class.

Well, I don't know how interesting this is going to be, but I have my room and roomate picked out for next yr. I'm rooming with my buddy Brad, so good times WILL be had by all...except you can't have a good time @ my school...it's not possible...but we'll try our damndest to not make it any more boring. We're both young, single, and LOVE TO MINGLE, so hit us up ladies!!

On another note, I am craving Illinois soooo bad right now. I just want to go home, hang out with my pseudofriends from high school, hit up some clubs, see some movies, and definitely GET AS MUCH PUSSY AS POSSIBLE! That was really crude, but I don't care...maybe more folks will read it!
For those of you that don't or never have lived in the midwest, you probably don't understand why I'm so homesick. We've all been brought up to respect where you came from, which is probably why I wish to go back as much as I can. I always find myself going back to my old high school, just to say "hi" to former teachers/coaches and maybe run into some younger kids--the only kids in HS which actually thought I was cool--and see what's up. And, I'll get to actually go somewhere without walking or havin someone else take me! I miss my B3 (Bitchin Blue Beretta), which I won last yr @ graduation. The car can't go faster than like 60, but it's MY car, so I love it!
I'm also really looking forward to seeing my best friend, Ryan, again; He's currently enrolled in trade school with the USMC and should be home sometime this summer. He's one of 2 people that I can actually, honestly call my friend; he's always stuck by me and ALWAYS put a good word in for me w/ the females (that is, when he wasn't stealing them from me).
Finally, I'm planning on auditioning for American Idol...don't laugh, please; I know it seems farfetched and ridiculous, but it's what I wanna do, so FUCK OFF!

Anyway, I didn't mean to write three chapters of my autobiography, but I needed to write again...hopefully someone will actually read it this time...SERIOUSLY...
I'm off to din din now, catch ya on the flip side...

====================3~~~ ManMythLegend

niceandslow65 52M
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4/13/2005 5:47 pm

Just wanted to let you know that at least one person read it Hope you have a great summer.

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