In loving memory...LEE HORN IS MY HERO  

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3/30/2005 9:17 pm

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In loving memory...LEE HORN IS MY HERO

So, the death of Mr. Horn really affected me, but I don't know why. We weren't really close...he was just a teacher. But I think part of it may be that I was the last one who talked to him before he died...that part is really creepy. The only thing I can really compare it to is sending off someone you love and then watching them get hit by a's just one of those "whoa...what the fuck just happened kind of deals."
I haven't really been able to focus on much of anything, lately...particularly at night. I just get really depressed when I think about it now. When I found out, it had little affect on me, but now, his death is hanging like some surreal cloud over my head. Never in a million years would I have expected him to die so suddenly, so out of the blue like that...I just remember sitting in stunned silence, like it was an illusion or something.
And it's particularly strange now, because the speech team is scheduled to go to nationals in 2 weeks (I'm not going--I didn't qualify) without one of our coaches. I think we all felt so close to Lee because he always made time for us; he would always bend over backwards to make sure we got our shit done, and he would do everything he could to help...and I think THAT's what pisses me off the most...Lee was an awesome guy, a true joy to be around; he was never in a bad mood, and he never showed ill will towards anyone. It definitely will not be the same without him...he inspired us to be take risks but still be aware of what you were preparing pieces for. He wanted us to find quality stuff, not simply things that were funny or provided shock value...he truly loved what he did.
Lee Horn will definitely be missed by all that knew him. Lee impacted the lives of so many people, and I guarantee you he brought a smile to every single one of their faces.

Farewell, Mr. Lee Horn: It was an honor to be one of your pupils. You welcomed every day with a "hello" and a smile...I know you are watching over us, and I know you'll be watching when I achieve great things. And most importantly of all, I'll know that you helped get me there.


vegas_sinner04 31F

3/31/2005 12:16 pm

it's hard losing someone that you admire but his memory will always be with you.

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