Great night!!  

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3/25/2005 1:19 pm

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Great night!!

GOOD Friday...more like GREAT Friday!! I went to a party with my roommate, and he said we weren't leaving until I was we didn't. It was the first time I had EVER been drunk, and I must say, I didn't feel or act too much different than usual: I was still talking WAY too much, trying to be the center of attention, being a perv/creep/dick, and Flirting with every girl there at least party I've been to in a great long while, probably since the first theatre party in September. But, there was a very interesting turn of events that transpired that make me think things were getting a little out of hand...

...Early on in the night, I met this really foxy lady, we'll call her "K" to protect the innocent. She brought WAY more alcohol than she was prepared to drink...actually I think she was blitzed after 2 malts, but that didn't stop us from flirting and drinking throughout the course of the evening. Well, I, being an ass, complimented her on her "good gifts," and said that I was looking forward to seeing more of them later (all she told me was that I was cute, which I am--adorable, actually--and that she liked my eyes). Even though I was very intrigued by her, something seemed a little suspicious because she had to guys from my dorm there watching her like a hawk...early on, I paid little mind to this fact.
Well, eventually she tells me that she has a boyfriend, which I expected, but as long as he wasn't at the party, that wasn't going to deter me from running what little game I have. The more we talked, the more apparent it was that her boyfriend and her were in fact quite serious...I think it was when I saw the ring on her finger that I got the picture.
AFTER I found out that she had a fiance and my dick shriveled significantly, I took it upon myself to go to the bathroom to relieve a little "tension," if you will. I found myself looking at the bathroom mirror wondering why (a) I have such rotten luck and (b) if I actually had a chance with this girl...after a brief respite, I returned to civilization and hung out with my peeps for a little while longer, obviously avoiding a potentially volatile situation.
I kicked back, had a brew, and shot the shit with my roommate, who, at the time, was playing a very entertaining drinking game called "Short Bus." Well, 10 or 15 minutes pass, and in walks my muse, K, like clockwork, asking me to dance...I was never one to spurn the advances of a pretty girl, especially when it comes to shaking my groove thing to Britney Spears (at this point I thought I had a better shot of hooking up with her than K). Always wanting to complicate things, I invited her outside so we could talk...

Wanna know what happened next?
I'll be back later to fill you in...I'm sure you're all looking forward to it!

==================3~~~ ManMythLegend

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