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The B_ DAY

I am going to turn 44 on Monday and I am freaking out about it because I will go out of a age bracket, I don;t feel 44 I guess I am immature for my age most of the men that I am attracted to are younger than me, I can see myself at the age of 80 in the old folks home flirting with a young orderly and flashing my tits at him LOL being single at this age is great because I can still get the men with great bodies, my point is I do not lie about my age if feel that I look younger than I am. so my point is how many hard bodied men do I miss out on because of my age when I could rock their world. Do I turn back the clock like most people on this site do , but I pride myself in being honest , so no I won;t but I just took some more photos of myself. I think I look ok????? THE LIONESS OF AdultFriendFinder

THE LIONESS OF AdultFriendFinder

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