GOD I MISS YOU one year later  

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8/7/2006 2:45 pm
GOD I MISS YOU one year later

Well it has been one year since we parted and GOD I MISS YOU
1) I miss talking to you after reading the morning paper
about todays events.
2) I miss your happiness about little things.
3) I miss your family who I really cared for and loved like
my own.
4) I miss going places with you and having women stare at
your beauty
5) I miss your body
6) I miss your cock that I used to suck so lovingly
7) I miss that you were the only one who could really make
me cum by just talking to me.
but most of all I miss you.

But we blew it for each other with fights and letting other
peoples jealousy come between us, your friend that really
wanted me behind your back and knew that he could never have
me becuase he was not you other women who could not see how
much I loved you and still did not back off. I know your hate
me now and there are parts of me that hate you as well , your
coldness of leaving me the week before my B_DAY and the fact
that even now you think that I am still wanting you even though
it has gone to far and that you hurt me so much and you cruelty
towards me is something I will never forgive you for.

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