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6/8/2006 8:50 am

she sat next to him in the car, looking out the window, her forhead resting on the glass with a dreamy grace. she wasnt talking, but every time he stole a look at her out of the corner of his eye, as her face would be illuminated by the reflected light of the cars headlights, he wasnt so sure she was thinking either. she just was there. sitting next to him.
"i had a dream about you the other night," he told her, his voice heartfelt awkward over the soft hum of the moving car.
"we were at a strip club, the one on the highway, the nude one, where it looks like its always empty because you never see guys going in to it but you know its packed because the lot is full of cars, and like they're even fuckin parked on the side street, well were inside and its all filled with smoke the way it always is, and you are dancing for me on the stage, and as you move, the smoke swirlls around you like little tornados, dancing behind you in the red and blue stage lights. its beautiful; and all around the rest of teh bar, the dancers are all giving lap dances or having their tits sucked or giving blow jobs and shit ... but its cool because i'm the one watching you, like you're dancing just for me. and then these really asshole guys, like statin' island guidos come in .. and theres like ten of them, and they're all fuckin loud and they pay the dj to announce that its one of their birthdays and as a request, the dj plays an aria from verdi's opera ... ah whats the name, umm shit .... the one with the gypsies ...well the rest of the bar goes dark, and all of a sudden, with you in this spotlight, you fall off the bar and into the chairs at their feet. and i just know you are dead right. so i carry you to a museum and lay you on a bench just under a hopper painting, the one of the gas station at night i think."
its quiet in teh car again, as only a rythmic pressing of tire to pavement washes up from teh bottem of teh car to fill the diffused air that fills teh space between them.
he cant see if shes smiling or not, but even without looking at her, now he knows at least shes thinking something.

later, she kissed him while standing outside his car in the cold november dawn.

what do you dream? i'd love to hear one, i have an affinty for hearing peoples secrets and dreams. i'm also haunted by these recurring nightmares, i think my brain just doesnt like being forced to sleep; but part of me loves waking up from a vivd dream, about to scream out ... something about having the ability to scare the shit outta myself that i love. still ...good dreams are always welcome too. maybe later i'll tell yall about a night mare i have thats silly, but still freakes me out, thing is i've had it since i was a kid ... guess i'm just tired today, still, in an attempt to make this overly long post more, well, pleasent, i'll let you in on a secret, half of what i wrote is true. half was a dream, and half was about a girl named k****** ....

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