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years ago, when i was just a wee young pirate in training, i believe they call it "middle school", well, i ran the risk of becoming as shallow as the ground that ran about the venture in the Sandy shoals ..... all flowery language aside, i was hanging with a group of friends who informed me that there were only a few select girls in the school who were deemed "cute" enough to pass as a real "girlfriend" (this rule did not disclude the occasional make out at a party, in a closet, or at the movies with a "lesser" looking girl, it just meant that they would and could not become a "girlfriend". *sighs* ahhh the curse of popularity and the ills of peer pressure .... needless to say, i took their word as cannon and though i had my fair share of friends who were girls and many make out partners .... a girlfriend was lost to me, as, of the handful deemed worthy.... two hated me and several more were already taken. alas! what was a young buccaneer to do?

i've always been artistic. i'm not me if i don't have lead, ink, or paint on me somewhere at all times ... so i was "volunteered" to design the sets for the school play. (it was considered community service and thus got me outta juv. for the week i was supposed to stay there)

long story short too late .... the play was "the little mermaid" (i sure hope disney doesn't read this or i may have just got me old school sued)

anyway, in the lead was this girl i knew. she was short. kinda chubby. very smart. shy. and always quietly awkward. i believe the politically correct term is "nerd".
but she could be considered cute, just not girlfriend material. so i flirted with her a bit, and laffed at how she would blush and shy away. still, i never considered asking her to "go steady" or any such thing as she was out of the running and all.

then she sang. in the full mermaid costume. under the lights. she seemed to glow; and her eyes were like two pools of cool water reflecting the moon. "kiss dey girl" indeed.

swear to god i fell head over heals in love with her voice. it was amazing.

and now i had the classic pretty in pink problem.

did i ask her out and run the risk of social castration, or did i keep it to myself and hope i could forget about her eventually and go out with a shallow "hot chick" who i thought may take a stab at me as she had just dumped her current bo, a friend of mine?

what do you think i did?

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