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7/10/2006 8:55 am

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another dream

it was a beach house i knew as a kid
i am from new york and even though the beach house was in sea side, new jersey, it is now on the east river, because i walked to from 14 th street and first ave. i see con ed in the sky, and then walk in. the sound of waves and childeren laffing, the far away radio, the smell of the sea and the sand and the heat. the feel of the empty house because everyone else is on the shore or in the water or in the sun.
the carpet under my feet is worn and rough
sand from feet tred near the door.
it looks like every rental house on the jersy shore.
i'm not a kid now though and it feels like going home.
someone is in the kitchen.
i hear the plate on the counter and a cabinate door open and close.
i walk into the kitchen and she has her back to me.
she is in a black bikini.
it also has a small black bikini skirt.

and now its a balcony in ocean city maryland.
the wind moves her sandy hair.
her husband is on the beach, we can see him as we look out. he can see us and waves.
but she isnt married ... and she changes into her ...
and then back...
and then both ...
and then her...
and her hand reaches out and takes mine. no one can see it from the ground because we are on the balcony.
she lays my hand on her warm thigh. it is firm and slick with oil. my fingers move along her skin.
we look out at the ocean. the hot sun behind the hotel...the air on the blacony cool and i have to will myself to stop a shiver running thru my body.
my hand moves up onto her suit, under the smooth fabric of the wrap skirt.
she closes her eyes and smiles.
my heart near explodes from my chest.
god how i've wanted to see that smile; to touch her suit where i am now, to feel that heat escape her. my finger moves with delerious passion, sinking into her.
and then skin begins to change, i can see her belly become glossy and splintered with thin lines like shadows drawn with a pen.
she is breathing faster, moving anf folding onto my touch.
and then i realize she is becoming a puzzle.
and as i try to hold still so as not to break her, she begins to fall apart. peices of her falling to the ground and over the railing.
i cant stop and neither can she, as i kiss her and she falls apart in my arms.

she is on the table and i am trying to put her back together. corners first.
she changes into a picture of her and me, under a pine tree as childern playing house. we were so alike. and now shes gone and i wake up. wishing she was there. or i was there. or here. or ... i cant remeber what else i dreamed. but i tried to think of her and that house and the way she felt under my fingertips, as i was laying in the dark.
i could almost still smell the wind.

j. and l.

rm_rlandma 42M/41F
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7/11/2006 11:05 am

*begins work immediatly on a "if this boat's a'h rock'n" sign for you sweetheart.*

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