a wish in the night  

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7/19/2006 9:28 am

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a wish in the night

i once read that there was a custom called "storm wishing" ... basically, you write down a wish, prayer, secret, whatever, on a leaf or piece of parchment, then, just as the storm winds blow at their height, you let the wish go and the storm carries it to the spirts, gods, whom or whatever again ... well last night; one hell of a storm pushed its way easterly across the state, hell bent for open water ... the night grew that amazingly heavy dark, and the air began to taste of ozone, the wind at first flirted with the land, then began to wash over everything in gusts of some measure ... being reminded of this old custom, i stopped my travels, at a tree i know, and pulled from it a green leaf, took out a black pen, and wrote down my wish.

now, just so it be known, i am a believer in many things, alomst everything. i believe that there is nothing witout some purpouse, and to disbelieve in a thing, that limits me greatly.

so i wished for money.

not very deep, poetic or spiritual, nor was it anything remotely but mostly selfish .... true there are many many people in my life that would benifit and depened upon me and my wealths ... but thats all moot ... i made the wish ... with a light heart. and just drove away into the growing storm as if i had just heard from far off a child laffing.

now this is why what little magic there is that is left in the world is not for us to control, but for us to stumble upon.

i made a wish for money, but never gave thought to the consequences.

and as the rain began to cascade down upon me and send my craft all a-hither, blinding me, and swallowing up the light like some river depth belching silt ... and as the night sky was rent with shatters of lightening, some falling to just my sides, so close that trees i will pass today will bear long scars from root to topper ... thats when i began to think about the wishes of the djin, and how even the most innocent of magics can be abused ... my oh so clever mind began to show me images of my collecting insurance money from in a wheel chair due to a collision with another car in the hot rainwater; or the money that would be laid at my feet to help me get over the shattering fraility of my mind when friends would give charity to help me get over running over a child scared out of their dry cool house due to fear of thunder, or even the twin of a rare coin i own, being place over my eye as they lower me into the dirt to become the mud of generations ...

needless to say none of this happened, and as is written, may hap it was all but trickery and fancy ...or even a piece of undigested roast beef ... still .....if it happened ... would i have got what i asked for?

i have thrown salt over my shoulder, i have broken mirrors, i have walked under ladders than walk backward around them to break the curse, i have owned a black cat and loved it for years till it died and the next night i am sure it came back, i have seen someone die feet away from me, i have knocked on wood, i have prayed with and without conviction ... i have made a wish and maybe learned a lesson; i have made a wish and learned nothing that i wont easily forget ... who knows? ... i just know i dont ...

rm_rlandma 42M/41F
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7/20/2006 10:24 am

mmmmmmmmmm ..... and while yours are just words and i so wish, dream, and desire you, recently, well .... ummm ...ok forgot what i was gonna write cuz i got lost drool'n over your tits. *smiles not so innocently*

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