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11/19/2005 1:49 am

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Ah Wendy. Sweet, shy, beautiful Wendy. Sorority sister who was a little bit skeptical of the whole girl-on-girl thing. Boy, did we have fun with her.

She's so quiet and sexy. Rather have her head in a book then in a pussy. But god, when she gets going there is no stopping her....

Not that you would want to. She can make you cum in record time. she certainly knows how to please you.

And I'm talking from personal experience.

Plus, she tastes great. And a screamer too. I like to hear her scream.

The first time Wendy and I ever did anything, we were in a movie theater. She smelled so good, I had to get a whiff. First I smelt her neck....she smelled like lavender. I kissed her neck which brought her lips to mine. My hand trailed it's way down to her breast, where I played for a bit. Then I moved it further down, and slipped it underneath her skirt where I found she was not wearing any underwear. i slipped my finger inside her very pussy and proceeded to fingerfuck her. She had to use a lot of strength to not cry out when she came. When she did though, she started on me. While she was fingerfucking me, I could taste her on my fingers. Sweet, like chocolate. We were both so horny by the time the movie ended, we ended up in the bathrom stall.

I love the feel of her tongue in my pussy. And I love the way she feels against my tongue. She can make me wet just by whispering in my ear. And man can she finish me off.

Now I think I'm going to make a phone call.....

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