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6/13/2006 7:15 pm

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question of the day

Question of the day: if your partner is engaged in infidelity, which one would you rather have: infidelity of the body or of the mind?

Of course, the obvious answer is none! We don't want our partners having nothing to do with infidelity! But, my friends, in life, we don't always get a winning hand.

Here is a man or even a woman, who has an adulterous relationship involving physical intimacy. For whatever reasons- lack of love, appreciation, excitement, because-I-can. Looking from their point of view, the reasons are all valid but still, socially unacceptable. The mind is strong but the flesh is weak. The meeting of mind is not there, but the flesh sure wants and wants to get what it wants. The modern woman says that ‘love is not essential for a fulfilling sexual experience’, though most women still believe love is what brings happiness. Not sex alone. But, sex is no more a dirty word. A quick romp in the hay doesn’t hurt nobody.

For many a men, it starts with sex and ends in love, and for women, it is the other way around.

Pretty confusing,and complex?

In any case, the possible results of infidelity are broken relationships n marriages, heartburns.

May I dare say, and it is my opinion only, that this mental infidelity is far worse than the actual physical one?

poison_syrup 44F
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6/14/2006 12:50 am

Mental infidelity is worse than physical infidelity... Its communication between 2 parties that makes a relationship work out. I want my partner to be truthful in actions and words... same goes for me. Physical infidelity is never an issue as far as my partner and me's concern. We are pretty much open in the sense that each of us can still meet up with members of opposite sex for shopping, movies, meals or even having intimate time. When you are really open with each other, you will not find any barrier in understanding each other.

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