rm_rite4u1983 35F
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6/12/2006 2:45 pm

well a few questions to throw out there today imma first start with this...ok why does it seem that when there are like 3 ppl one seems left out of everything? even if everyone is just friends? Another is it ok for me to feel hurt upset anything if my ex never wanted to go out to the bar or anything with me and now hes going out with his friend? He told me it was only once but now i heard that hes thinking about it for again this weekend. Do i have the right to feel this way when he never wanted to do anything with me like this?

on another note my sister took off to a diff state again and didnt tell any of her family, tha only reason we found out is one of my brothers friends back home called and told him. i dunno i feel bad for her in a way but its all brought on by herself...

Now a lil feeling bad for myself is what ur gonna hear next i guess...still no luck on the guy thing i really think i gave up bc in the last 2 weeks i have looked at one guy and the only reason i noticed him is bc someone else said something about it...maybe im just to be by myself for the rest of my life...

another thing my son doesnt seem to want to stay with me anymore i guess its just bc he didnt get much time with his father and now that he is he dont wanna stop.. thats probably just it but it still hurts but its a kid thing.

so lets boil this down im destin to live my life alone for the rest of my life and first one to say that im still young ill find someone imma come and kick ya in the head...

my son is just happy with only seeing me for a few minutes a day, i have no friends and noone interested in me, and my life basically sucks.

well i guess im done for now ill whine some more some other time i guess..

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