Across the board dating  

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3/13/2006 10:23 am

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Across the board dating

After my SAP filled ending in "My Accounts" I feel that I must clarify my hypocrisy.

I feel a really unfocused, scattered blog coming on. Otherwise known as some sort of innocent rant.

Do I want everything I wrote? Aboso-fucking-lutely! Will it happen? Yeah I think so. But at the moment I am spread across 5 dating sites that have me dating 7 nights a week. Do these "other women" on the other sites put out? You betcha! at least 40% of the time. As the world seems to have grown into a lonely place.

Now, I am as single as they come, but have wondered across many women who are flat out cheating on their mate. How do I know? Well the first thing I ALWAYS look for is either that tan line or indent that the "Ring" leaves. When I spot it, I ask if they are married or recently separated. I have to tell you the instant confusion as to how they have not only been found, but also having to search for the answer they will give is the most entertaining aspect of pre-sex dating. I will not do a married women without the husbands consent! And have left many of them sitting at the restaurant with only my portion of the bill on the table. I figure this is the price they pay for being deceitful and wasting my time. Is this wrong or cool? You tell me.

If women are what they say they are I am hoping to find out.

Lets take some of these women on the other sites and study their behavior just a bit.

All of them are supposedly looking for Mr. Right. So I have played the game with a few of these and this is what goes down.

I am a pretty successful individual as I have been in the same industry for 24 years and have been lucky enough not to get bored, and, at the same time, interested enough to keep evolving and trying to add innovation to what I do. I learned from 24 years in LA to not have a pretentious exterior. You know big jewelry, fancy car and even my attire sometimes has a bit to be desired. But I live (my home) well. I like to be comfortable away from the worlds prying eyes. I never bring a women to my home until I am sure the "money" thing is out of her head. But once there, OMG does their demeanor take on a whole new dimension. All of the sudden it changes gears from casual dating to "you have enough room for X amount of kids and us". What is this behavior? Whatever ever happened to good ‘ol "can you make the rest of me happy?" attitude.

Wild and unabashed " stunt sex" is great! But will I want to chew my arm off after waking up next to one of them in the morning?

Come on people give me your insight especially women. Let me tell you, just as everything else in life, money has its down side just like what I described above and takes a lot of work to simply maintain. Here is what I proposed should be a woman’s shopping list when searching for a man they will either simply fuck or try to make into a lasting thing. Now this is going to seem really basic but how many of you think in these terms.

1. Looks...Lets face it, the whole BS about looks not being important is just that, BS! As this is the first step in being turned on.

2. Personality. This is the 2nd step but in my life I have never seen it take over the first. Does he make you laugh and do you return the favor. Do either one simply enjoy each others company?

3. Sex...Ahh sex. A very important part of my relationship diet. I have seen this take over number 1 but it is rare. Are you intune with the others desires or do you just "phone it in" most of the time.

4. Communication...Can either one of you be vulnerable without reprisal, ridicule or criticism from the other?

Are these four things too much to ask for?

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