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2/15/2006 4:56 pm

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After a short intermission, I apply baby oil to her backside and begin to slip my hotdog between her buns. As I slowly move up & down, gently caressing her anus, she lets out a low moan letting me know I'm doing something right.

"You like that, baby?"
She replies with a moan.

I then slide my hand underneath her and inch my hand toward her secret garden. My fingers part her hot & steamy garden and search ever so diligently for her clitoris. And I let my fingers work their magic on her already over-stimulated hot-spot.

"How 'bout that?"
"Oh! yes!"

Meanwhile, I slide my other hand underneath her chest and cup her breast while my middle finger plays with her nipple.

"And That?"
"Yes, baby. Yes!"
"Is that it?", he yells at her.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!", she exclaims. "Oh! yes!"' she yells as she bucks underneath his tender ministrations.

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