Our Weekly Rendezvous  

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9/1/2006 3:35 pm

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Our Weekly Rendezvous

I so look forward to our weekly rendezvous. We meet in the parking lot of the chosen hotel. I carry a small overnight case filled with all the things we might need for our day of pleasure. After checking in, we ride the elevator up to our room holding hands. In our room, you kiss me and remove your tie as I unbutton your shirt. You know that I have very little to remove. You loop your tie around my neck and drop to your knees, Yes you can smell how much I want you. You unbutton the last two buttons of my dress, yes, you were right, all you see is black hair covering my pussy. As you lick, I lean back against the wall and spread my legs for you. When you have me panting for more, you stand and pull me to the bed using your tie. At the bed you lean me over the side so that my ass is in the air and my dress is around my waist. I am totally exposed to you, you step between my legs and again drop to you knees. Your hands knead my ass as your tongue licks from hole to hole. You nip my ass and the inside of my thighs, taking me higher and higher until I am begging you to make me cum. You continue to suck until the last shudder of my climax. You are so good to me.

Standing, you remove your shirt and pants. I drop to my knees in front of you as you release your cock from its confines. My tongue touches it first. It circles the head before my mouth engulfs it. I suck gently. Wanting more, I lubricate it by running my tongue up and down the shaft. My hands, eager to join the fun reach up, one for your balls and the other to caress your ass. I can feel you watching me, I look up with your cock in my mouth, and see your pleasure. The hand caressing your ass now is full of your cock, sliding up and down as it slides in and out of my mouth. I feel it getting larger and wider, and your balls are constricting. Just as you are ready to cum you pull away, you are not ready yet. We finish undressing and lay on the bed. You pull me on top of you so that I straddle your waist. When I lean toward you my breasts are right at lip level. You take a handful in each hand and squeeze. Know it take a lot of attention to encourage my inverted nipple to show, you get to work. You suck, you bite and you squeeze and you know you are giving me pleasure because you can feel my pussy getting wet on your stomach as I start to ride you. Sliding down I impale myself on your rigid cock, taking all of you in one stroke. Then, I ride, long even strokes up and down your cock until you can no longer stand it. We flip over so that you are now in charge of the depth and the speed. You pump into fast and hard, I can feel your balls slamming against my ass as you lift me higher to get deeper. I feel you shoot your seed into me as I feel my climax milk you dry. You fall atop me, and kiss me passionately. Rolling off me, you carry me with you, and we cuddle and drift towards a sleep, knowing that in a bit we will want each other again.

Luv_It_All_SETx 70M
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9/5/2006 9:22 pm

Sweetie -- Would LOVE to be ONE of your Weekly Rendezvous... R U Book up or Do you have A Night of the Week still Open?

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