OK! OK!.... I'm back....  

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8/7/2005 9:27 pm

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OK! OK!.... I'm back....

Geez Louize... Can't a girl take a nap for a couple of .... weeks?? ~shit-eatin' grin~ I know my blog duties have been put to the wayside, and I apologize to my friends. How about a colorful prance and twirl to make up for my absence...

Went out last night to a different club. Got a free shot of something from one of those sexy little thangs that stand up on the bar and walk by and pour them into the mouths of all those that open them. Then followed the shot with a blast of canned whipped cream. I was already sitting at the bar when this started. Once the 3 honeys stood up on the bar, everyone came running to it. I had no clue what was about to happen. You'd have thought they were gonna strip. NOPE.. Just free booze! LOL... That pic
<------ right up there are the very girls standing on the very bar with the very bottles of booze and cans of whipped cream. (I love visuals, don't you??!)

They walked all around the bar and got to the back side where we were allowed to sit. She got to me and I thought, "what the hell"... She said, "open your mouth." So I leaned my head back and she poured it in. Its when she followed it with that chaser of whipped cream that I got grossed out. She touched it to my mouth!!! EWWW~! Because you know, if she touched it to my mouth she touched it to Rico Suave's mouth.. to Debby Does Dallas' mouth, to Hooker Hannah's mouth and probaly even Pimp Peter's mouth... not to mention Herpes Harvey's mouth... GOOD GAWD, this fun little bar game wasn't fun anymore.

I've been dwelling on this since last night. Wondering what I may have "caught" last night. Thinking logically and illogically about it. Alcohol kills germs, right? Thats what I've always thought anyway. Liquor is alcohol. So, ya think I'm gonna die? Maybe I've already got some germ inside me that is growing, waiting to turn into some horrible virus!! I don't think I'm gonna play that bar game again. Its too intimate for me. I really wasn't planning to "kiss" everyone at the bar last night. But in some weird sorta way I think I may have!

She won't be prancing and twirling at that bar anymore.....

rm_reisaree 43F
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8/17/2005 11:27 am

it is a very good thing to remember hun

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