Met a qute one  

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4/17/2005 10:57 am

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Met a qute one

while others were scrambling to prepare their taxes, I was cruzin Galvaston Beach at the Kappa Beach Parth, know known as Texas Beach Party. I got there in the morning, knowing it wouldnt really get busy until later, i wanted to catch some rays and get fucked up.
Gradully people started arriving in their bumpin cars and asses out. There were some cute guys and girls there. I kept circling around with all the other cars looking at the people walking around, guys doing guy things and wisleing and hollin at the girls that would walk and drive by. I made a stroll myself and got many of the same looks and actions, it all made me so horny. all those hot people and cars, and the beach, what a great combination.
I drove around and each time I would circle around i would see this one guy that kept catching my eye. He was a large brotha. football player type. tall and bedroom sexy eyes. I passed by him 6 times, each time he would wave at me or shout out at me, finally i went over by him when no one was around. I dont know if there was a female around, and i was horny, i didnt want any drama.
He said, his name was ike miller. and he was from Batton rouge, LA. He was down for the beach party. He has a gold grill. real hard looking rapper type, and looks a little like shug knight. He was ridin with 3 other guys and they all had locks, and funny as hell, but i wanted him, and got him. He saye's i have him, for good. yeah right, Why do guys say such things. Like...ohhh, i want u to be mine baby, i dont want to share u with anybody, omg u are the shit, i want to make u my woman, bla, bla, bla...thats stupid if he thinks i believe that, but he thinks i think that. what does that a sure me, what ever i want. i get things then. if he wants me he will give me things watch. Hes the only one, ha, yeah right!

Bedroombully110 43M

1/15/2006 2:34 pm

You can still get much luv from here...holla at a brother

rm_frndly2000 40M

7/18/2006 2:38 pm

hey holla at me, you seem very open minded.

Blackstonelovin 37M
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8/12/2006 9:35 pm

You sound like you dont trust the brotha so why are you with him is it his grill or that fact that he looks like a rapper. Anyways you are sexy and keep keeping on holla

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