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6/6/2006 1:39 pm

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Helping out

Did I tell you about the message from Berlin? It was a few years ago when I got an invitation for a seminar in Berlin. My boss paid for the hotel an so I went there on my bike. The weather looked not very nice, but I took my changes and went off. Just before leaving Holland the weather got really bad. Rain was pouring down. Before a parking place was found, the rain was entering my boots. At last I could stop and took on my condom. It’s a tight suit that keeps the rain out but is not very sexy to see.

The road form Emmen, Bremen, Hannover was behide me very fast. But then my bud was broken so I had to stop at a resting place. My condom was really wet, and sticking to my leather suit. I had to go to the toilet quick but then I had to remove the wetsuit.
I couldn’t get it out, so I was jumping around like a mad man. Then a car was parked next to me. A sportscar from BMW. Rain was still coming down, but the lady who was driving the car stepped out as if no water could touch her. Looking at her my face had a really painful look. She looked at me from top to bottom and ask me “ Need a hand…”

Her t-shirt became wet, and her tits showed up. But she helped me. What a woman, what a relieve.

From hannover to Berlin is just “ immer grade aus” My red lady did here job real quick.
But the rain had hung above me the whole way. When I arrived in the hotel and checked in. The man behind the desk instructed me to the parking garage with is beneeth the hotel.
Water was poring of me when I entered the lift from the garage to the 17th floor.
The hotelroom had a nice few over Berlin and Spandau. The hotel has mirror windows so you can’t look in from outside. Again I had trouble getting my wetsuit out. This time I had to call in some help form the room maid. She helped me out of it, and then stayed to look how I pealed myself of my leather suit.

It didn’t bother me that the maid was still standing there when I went off to the shower in my underpants. The shower was hot and had the same view over berlin as my hotelroom.
After showering I looked for a towel and walked into my room. There she was, still standing! But now I was naked and only had my towel to help me.
She helped me again and dry my back. Then she opened her uniform and let me she her ….bra. Before I could help it my man thing started to rise. She graphed it and truned it around. Holding my thing realy firm. When I screamed -- let go -- She answerd, I waited for my tip. I gave her a blue note, and had pain the whole tree days. Thanks for helping me out.

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