First shot....  

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7/9/2005 8:33 pm

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First shot....

hi! it's me reaperb2003
Ok, this is my first time ever doing one of these things, so I'll just wing it for now and maybe someone can help me come up with interesting things to put on here. First off here I am in Middle Georgia, typically bored out of my mind since there's not much to do. Been here too damn long now as a matter of fact.
All I know is things have been rather interesting since I moved to this place a few of us are calling "Lexington 90210". I swear the number of people in this place that are married, unhappy and dangerously flirting with the others who live here. The people who say their 'swingers' who actually have more jealousy than most I've seen. I tell you it's crazy. I'll be happy to just meet someone who doesn't have a ton of drama with them, who can be friends or even friends with 'benefits' and be cool with that. I tell you it's crazy the number of people who are in relationships who are unhappy, or those who just got out of unhappy relationships, but are still putting themselves right back into another relationship.
anyone else feel me on that on? it's either that or me sitting here online trying to chill and meet people and dudes trying to hit me up...I'm flattered but damn, I'm NOT GAY, wish they'd quit trying to 'convince' me to try it...yuck.
lol anyway, i made it so anyone who's on here can reply so feel free, ask questions, make suggestions, whatever.


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