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5/19/2006 10:30 am

It seems interesting to read the remanks women have posted in thier profiles.

Some seem so provocatively open about what their desire are that it causes skepticism as to why they need to join a "meet another" site in order to receive what they want. Why would a woman speciify that she wants to "take it in the ass"
or "loves to suck cock" if that is really the degree of desire within them? Is it some form of over promiscuity? Is it a sign of insecurity?
Who the hell do they expect to end up with?

Thous of you who claim to be SLUTS or better yet,
SUPER SLUTS; would be best served by explaining
some of thes questions. Not that anyone disagrees with your preferences, or who and what you are. But to actually recievce the pleasures you desire,
it may be beneficial to more clearly explain the real SLUT point of view.

On the other hand, of course, there are those
here who expect to fast and abstain of Fridays,
take her beau to church every Sunday and expect him home every night no later than 5:30, or there better a life emergency to have the excues acceptable. What the fuck, SAINTS, don;t you realize tha 99% of the people here are seeking some form of sexual experience. That includes those who may have overstated thier libido and thoose who happen to be point bland.

The goodie two shoes looking for a "friends first" may want to head for the local Bake Sale sponsored bu the local charities. This is a place where men and women are looking for some form of sex, and in no way expected to be much more that a casual kind of relationship. Naturaly anything may come out of a meeting with a partner, but each enters the scene with on primary theme. Sex.

It is understood the even the most desparate of women need to protect themselves from perverts
by playing a little conservtive to defend themselves, but most likely, they have all been there and done that.

So, ladies, (and gentlemen) pleas express your feelings on this line of questions. It may be3 very useful to finding better qualified companions who would like to engage in the same varity of expressions of emotional outlets which rely on the physical feeling to produce the desired high produced by our internal chemistry.

It is certain there are some men looking for the
"Yes Dear" profile of woman, while maly others would be completely incapable of satisfying the needs of a SLUT.

Personally, I believe that sex is a physical act all by itself. Haven't we alll had random partners without a name? That is a relationship to me. One of urgency. Roght here and right now.
Beside all that, it seems that nearly everyone is looking much more for the "connection" in a metaohysical way with some one; whether thgey are a Prince Charming or a Cinderella. It is this "unsatisfied feeling" other wise, why else would any go on looking for a person to fit their dreams and needs. It is the "emotional feeling" much more so than the "physical feeling" that we all look for. IF not for that why would anyone need or want someone. Wouldn't it be just as easy to live in a world where any one at any time,(here and now) existed. Then we would all be open to just walk up to some and say "Sir your are very attractive to me" (here and now). "Want of fuck me". Or "Hi, I think you have nice tits (here and now) "Would you tit fuck me, and let me cum all over them"?

Life would be rather simple then. It would equalize the SLUTS from the SAINTS because we could all be available to one another like vending machines requiring no money. Ture open sex actually practiced, would reduce much of lifes frustration. Imaging having some one at work walk up to you and say, "the boss just chewed me out and I need a fuck up the ass to calm myself down?" If the person asked is busy (although it should obligatory) she could just go th another worker and express her feelimgs to him, and no one would think any thing about it.

Only then there would be absolute and scandallous nondiscrimination.

SLUTS and SAINTS equal at last.

What do you say?

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