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5/22/2006 8:26 pm

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MEET & GREET - Pass this Along

I attended a couple of Meet & Greets in Mass last year. Over time they had developed an email list
containing regualr addresses (voluntary of course)
but plain and simple it was "meet & gteet".
Here's how it went:

Actually I was vwer impressed that the people were all socially talking just as if they knew each other. Some coupled up in very quick time and were off. Most others got chatting about ordinary social topics, Patriots, Dancing, Hobbies, Music,

I was staggered by the fact that no one was talking about sex, andacting like a perv.

It was fabulous. Many phone numbers were exchaged, Emails to. The girls I talked (4)to were actually very interesting and I left with 2 phone numbers of which one became a couple of date thing, but it was refresing to be in attendance because every knew that everyone else was a member of AdultFriendFinder, and here we were finding like minded others. Everything fell into place perfectly. The Bi/Lesbian/Gay crew found each other with no difficulty, and if mistaken just a simple prefrence choice was mentions in an unoffesnive way.
That's the Real Deal Peeps.

Sat June 10 Lincoln Park south bar 2d fl 4-6
Gab all you want, post what you like, but

Its up to you to pass the message and keep all the responses here. Usually people who plan to attend
can give the others thier sreen name so they can
get whatever info may be avialable. Nevertheless
Any one at all is welcomed to just show up.

Here is how it was organized:

One member led the parade. His/her BLOG became the Flagpost for the Meet & Greet Topic.

It was scheduled monthly and the place ane time
were FIXED. One Place, at X O'clock.

If you cant make it, then wait until next month,
because maybe 75% of those interested could make it one or 2 complainers just did not prevent the meeting, which is what I am reading here.
(cant make it that day, can do afternoon but not
at night). The result is no meetings at all, because everybody wants things at their convenience, and nobody wins.

So, heres' the deal.


Lincoln Park, at the bar on the 2d floor on the
South Side.


4:00 to 6:00 PM

========ALL DONE - NOTHING TO DISCUSS===========

If you show up, Great, if not Great.
I will be there at 3:45 (my photo is in my
listing - a Standard Member.)

Just walk up and say "Hi, this the Meet & Greet."
and just mingle in with the others! Enjoy!

rm_ready4u55555 71M

5/24/2006 5:17 am

OK, honey,

Since thats the case, I'll give
you a complimentary ticket.

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6/14/2006 5:41 am

wish i read this before the 10th

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