There's Nothing Sexy About Public Transport  

rm_rdt1979a 38M
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8/10/2006 6:57 am

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8/13/2006 12:30 pm

There's Nothing Sexy About Public Transport

It's sad, but the time of the days that I ride the train into the city really has no eye candy.

I have to admit, that my face is usually buried in a book anyway, but at every stop I look up, look around, and look back down, simply because there are no pretty girls to look at.

Oh, rarely I'll have the luck to see some girl get in the car downtown somewhere, but it's far too rare. It's not like the tube or the subway where there's a real variety of people riding the damn thing, and one is as likely as not to see someone with a nice body, a pretty face, and worthy of thinking about later when you're jacking off.

On the other hand, it /is/ Dallas - and how can you be attractive here while not driving an expensive car or having a six pack (or more)? DLR, at $40 a month, really doesn't attract the pretty girls to begin with!

So I keep wondering to myself? What makes me happier - a paid off beater and public transport, or a brand new RX-8 with a $150 a month parking spot downtown?

I'm strongly leaning towards the latter...

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