rm_rcs57 60M
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4/29/2006 11:08 am

My wife wants her friend to visit for the weekend. I agree, but my house rules apply. They must only wear heels, stockings, thongs, and white blouses, and no bras. My wife complains, she agrees. When her friend arrives, they dress for me. I make my wife lick her friend's ass for thirty minutes; I want her to have a good taste. I finger my wife's pussy; it's so wet. They both want me to fuck them, but I say no. Not until I say so. I make them go outside, clean up the trash in the yard because I want all the neighbors to see them. They look so hot and pretty. When the mailman arrives, both women flirt with him. I tell them to make him hard and they do it with pleasure. My wife kneels down and unzips him and licks his balls while her friend sucks on his cock. He cums all over their faces. I do not let them wash their faces.

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