SIN CITY - oh yeah!  

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5/15/2006 6:51 am
SIN CITY - oh yeah!

That was another brilliant foray into the hot and steamy jungles of depravity, and we enjoyed every minute! We found a fabulous vintage Tuxedo in a shop in Gastown, more 50's underwear for Misha, hot and pervy books from Little Sister's, and some really good and in-expensive meals.

The line-up at SIN CITY has become just STUPID though! People warned us to get there early, but at 8:30 there must have been about 200 people waiting, and the doors didn't really open untill nearly 10pm!!! We had a good mini-party in the line, and I suppose the forced sobriety of having to wait a couple of hours between drinks meant that we ended up being able to play all night with a hotty was ultimately okay....... BUT - next time we are taking folding chairs and a drinks cooler. Oh, and some rope.

The last time we went, Johnny ended up tying up all sorts of sexy babes outside in the line, while Madamme M dispensed the discipline. This time, not wanting to have a bunch of stuff to carry, we went without toys. BIG MISTAKE! Once again, a ready supply of 'victims'. Murphy's law srikes! (Misha will also be wearing flats while waiting, and saving the stilletos for inside the club.)

Right now, We are thinking about trying to get some sort of regular fetish night going in one of the local clubs. Since the Body Perve shut down, and the Circe de Sade got flooded, there's no Fetish Night for the last Saturday of the month anywhere in the Pacific NorthWest. We could have kinky visitors from Seattle and Vancouver over here once a month to liven things up!

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