Gotta Love It!  

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4/29/2006 6:40 am
Gotta Love It!

I know I sound like a shill for the Costa Rica Tourist Board, but hey - Ya gotta love this country! It's especially great when most of the tourists go home to Europe, North America, San Jose, wherever. Everybody just CHILLS!

I had another difficult but wonderfull adventure on my way down from San Jose to the wilds of Guanacaste. Blew the head off my wonderful shit-can of a car. Stuck thermostat caused it all. $850 and a week later, and all is well though. What other place in the world do you know where a mechanic takes the afternoon off to drive a stranded motorist 2 hours to find a taxi on Good Friday? Oh, and he refuses even gas money? This guy was unbelieveable! He also is an expert mechanic. Knew right away what screwed up, and called the very next day to say he couldn't re-machine the head. It was too warped, and had to get a new one from San Jose. That's it folks, if you ever need a mechanic in Tempisque, just get hold of Rodolfo at Taller Gringa, he'll look after you!

I stayed at the Gran Hotel de Costa Rica in San Jose for a couple of nights last while I was finallizing a SWEET property deal. 250% net profit in 2 years and NO CAPITAL GAINS TAXES!!!!! 1.75% transfer hard is that to swallow? Take my money!
I still say that Costa Rica has the most beautiful women on the planet. I nearly DIED watching the fabulous street parade as the dolce chiquitas headed home from work / school / etc. They come from all over the Latin world to live in Costa Rica - Panama! Dominica! Columbia! Venezuela! Brazil! Oy - que RICA las chicas!

Oh, and the BEST whore-house is without question the Key Largo. The most beautiful girls and hot show bands 7 nights a week!

I'll be back in Canada on the 4th of May, and Misha and I will be heading off to Sin City in Vancouver on the second Saturday of the month. We'll stay downtown of course - anyone want to join us for some fun in Kink-Land????

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