sometimes you just have to tell someone.......  

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7/14/2005 7:58 pm

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sometimes you just have to tell someone.......

once upon a time there was a 7th grade boy who was a sexual neophyte and needed some help, you know?
so happened this same boy had a teacher assigned to help him with his speech trouble. she and i had a session once a week in a small classroom in a old bldg.
she came on time and ask me to help her get the old reel to reel tape recorder out of the back seat of her car. we got it together, when she bent over to pick up her end i got a flash of her boobs, they were long and slender, with huge nipples. she smiled and i looked down. we struggled but finally got it to the desk in the class room. i was shocked when she sat on the desk not under it. her 1964 short skirt bairly covered anything. we started the tape with the lession on it and i just looked down and tried to listen. after a while she actually squrimed the skirt up even more, i was amazed to see she had no panties on! i felt a lump growing in my pants, she must have seen it too. she grew even more restless and soon stood up and turned around in front of the desk, and me too. when she bent over and laid her head on the desk i thought she didn't feel well
or something, i called her name, got up and stood
next to her when she said so low i almost didn't
hear her 'rub me' she said 'down there' i was frozen in time and space, everything was in slo-mo
she hiked up her skirt and i put my hand on her ass cheek, a low moan came from her, she began to
slowly grind her ass, my hand moved to her mound,
i knew what to do by instinc it seemed. i felt her heat and suddenly a musky smell hit me like a brick. i was drunk with sex and power, i liked it.
her wetness was what i remember next so slick and
well, sexy. 'up more' she said 'faster' i obeyed
as if in a trance. she ground her now wet cunt into my small fingers. i was scared i had hurt her
when she jumped and shuttered, i rubbed furouresly
fast and hard. she grabbed my hand and stopped me
soon and sobbed so her mascara ran down her face.
i knew i had hurt her i thought, i asked if she was ok. she moaned out 'yes, yes i'm fine' she then turned and kissed me fully on the mouth. i responded as best i could. i felt her hand at my belt buckle, she said 'pull it out for me'.
i did. her small hand seemed to be as gentle as i have ever known. she spread her legs and worked my
member smoothly with her hand, i came hard. she deftly caught my young sperm with her hand. it went straight to her mouth. i now knew something
i had only vaguely dreamed about before.
the smell, the feelings, and yes even the love
was so thick in the room you could cut it with a knife. she said 'thank you, i needed that so bad'
i nodded and suddendly she was the teacher again
and i was her student. she reached for the tissue
on the desk and fixed her face, she giggled as she wiped the second hand mascara from my face too.
the voice from the tape recorder stopped. i reached over and stopped it, i called her name and
said 'can we do that again' 'no', she replyed as she twisted her hair 'and you can't tell', 'i know'
i said 'don't worry'. she said 'now let's go'.
i said 'ok' and we packed up the old tape recorder
and carried it back to her car, 'bye' she said,
'bye' i said. we looked at each other once more,she left slowly as i watched, my young heart
was trobbing with a strange new feeling, i felt different somehow. older and wiser. little did i know that she was leaving her job that day.
I never saw her again. i cried and cried. still do

thanks, miss jenny, thanks. hope you are happy and well fucked every day.


comments? anyone? did i get it right? and yes it's true.

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