The Gulls  

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3/5/2006 5:16 am

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The Gulls

It was warm that day....the sun high overhead....a slight breeze blowing inland from the sea. We had been driving south....past Coco Beach....down to a small park next to the ocean....just a few miles north of Sebastian. We pulled into the area and found a private the shade of the palms....with a nice picnic table sitting in the sugar colored sand. It looked like we were the only ones in that area quite and peaceful....only the sounds of the gulls and the surf interrupting the silence. I undressed her completely ....and had her lay on the top part of the picnic table....her back facing upward....letting the shadows of the palm branches play along her back.

I began to rub a coconut scented lotion across her shoulders and down her arms....down her back....slowly running my fingers between the crack of her ass. I kept rubbing the oil on her....down her legs and her inner thighs....each time rubbing the warm oil up and down her ass....sometimes stopping at her tight hole....and gently putting my fingers into her. They slid into her effortlessly time and time again....her moaning becoming louder and louder. Each time my fingers found her once tight hole....I would slide more into her....and deeper than the time before. Her body shook each time I did that to her. I rubbed a large amount of that warm oil all over my hand....across my knuckles and into my palm…even up over my wrist....and halfway up my arm.

I started sliding my fingers into her then....four at first....moving them in and out of her slowly. Then I held my thumb tight in my palm....and forced my whole hand into her....slowly....pushing it deeper and deeper....inch by inch....until her ass had swallowed my hand up to my wrist. I slowly started to move my fingers inward towards my palm....slowly making a fist deep inside her. And started moving in and out....almost letting my fist slip out....but keeping it in....then sliding it into her again....going deeper each time. Her moaning increased and turned to cries of intense pleasure as I started moving my fist in and out of her....faster....and faster. I found her hard and wet clit with my other hand....and held it tightly between my thumb and finger....pinching it hard. She started cumming hard....each time I pinched her clit she would cum hand still moving in and out of her ass. She came over and over that sunny day....her cries louder....than the scream of the gulls.

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3/5/2006 5:29 am

The gulls were applauding and screaming with excitement I bet!!

Purry {=}


sexyariesgirl 59F

3/12/2006 5:50 am

OMG Baby! You do write the most erotic stories....and I know from experience that most of them are ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful!

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