Hidden Cave  

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3/29/2006 4:58 am
Hidden Cave

I noticed the cave on my property months ago. At the time I had no way to get to it...it was on the side of a gigantic rock face...high above the ground below. I drove the 20 miles down the hill to my dads' house and picked up his extention ladder...I was planning on just getting the shorter step ladder....but the bigger one fit in the van so got that one instead. I had managed to get a cold the last few days...but was feeling better yesterday...so grabbed the ladder under my arm...and down the hill I went. Hill....maybe cliff is a better word. It drops at about 45 degrees...and is littered with large boulders the size of....or even bigger...than most Greyhound buses. So here I am...working my way slowly down the cliff...ladder under arm....banging it on every rock and tree around...tangling it in the wild thorn bushes growing everywhere. By the time I get it hauled down next to the rock face that the entry to the cave is in...I am completly exhausted. After a few minutes I had managed to catch my breath and lean the ladder up under the opening....but it wouldn't reach. I extended it higher...then some more...and finally a tad more. The ground was a bit uneven...the ladder not as stable as I would have liked....but...I had been waiting too long to see what was inside....I was climbing up...shaky...very shaky. Finally I could see inside....but there was light shinning thur...coming from the back of it. It was not the dark forbidding cave that I had hoped for...and the treasure chest was not sitting in plain view like I had hoped...no arrowheads...not even a skeleton leaning in the corner. Once inside...I followed the beam of light....right to a small opening on the same rock....large enough to get thru. I got thru it and found myself coming out on flat ground. That opening had been hidden from view....just waiting for an idiot to climb a ladder at its' other end.....and find out that there had always been an easier way in.

Oh....my best friend suggested I call my homestead "HIdden Cave Ranch"....and I do.

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