Well this was gonna be funny.....but I got turned on  

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2/7/2006 10:22 pm

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Well this was gonna be funny.....but I got turned on

I wanted to share a little humor with you but Im starting to warm up to the idea of thinking more about what turns me on...you all seem to like to hear about it!!!! (thanks!! LOL!!)

Well, Right now I am very tired...but here are two things I love to do, I have done, and that turn me on..

(If I had the opportunity...this would apply to a woman also) but I LOVE..when hubby is sleeping...and I know hes not super tired or doesnt have a heavy day ahead...I like to pull the covers back, and put my hand down his pants and start rubbing him...sometimes he sleeps a bit and I can start giving him oral..so THEN HE DEFINATELY wakes up!!!! and then we have some 2 or 3am sex (whatever time LOL!!!) He hasnt woken me up that way yet but I am sure he would like to...

I found myself having a female houseguest once and she was staying over and, I wont kiss and tell, but there was one night that we we innocently watching tv, I was talking away and didnt realize she fell asleep!!!

This was the turn on....

Laying there next to her...watching her....ihaling her shampoo and gently stroking her long dark locks so that she wouldnt wake. She turned out to be a heavy sleeper....so then I moved in closer, she was on her right side, I was on my left (facing her) I got my face very close to her and she had on a long cotton strappy nightgown, her beautful natural D's rising up and down and she breathed in and out so softly as she slept...so I moved in even closer and draped my leg over hers (she wakes up ..honest mistake!!! Thought i was with hubby LOL!!) then, I put my hand on her chest gently and was sort of resting my other arm on her and I buried my face sort of under hers, nestled in her neck, near her chest.

I just soaked it all in (and was also soaked!!!!) and It was SOOO warm in the room but I didnt care...I just watched her beauty, all wrapped around her, and fell asleep...

When we woke up...we were still in the same position and we woke up at the same time and she didnt say anything..She said she didnt realize I was there. I apoligized for being all over her she said no problem, she is a heavy sleeper, but judging by the rest of her stay, I think she knew I was there.. either way...I would love to do that again!!!!

Boy there is no room for jokes here...

Now Im horny..

I will just do another post..

Stay tuned for more of what turns on Luscious Lux....

Luv on ya!! ALL!!

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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2/8/2006 12:03 am

That's so hot...more please!!


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