Deep Thoughts, Messier and THE STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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1/15/2006 2:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Deep Thoughts, Messier and THE STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, sorry all..I have been ill again...I may as well just say I have Fibromyalgia...If you dont know what that is, its sorta like MS...its a muscle disorder that most doctors DONT believe in and I spent the better part of my early twenties and still as I just turned 34, (but dont sure as hell look it!!...maybe when you keep still a lot you dont age...anyway) battling it. I woke up one morning, paralized...yes..I spent one year not walking, not being able to do anything for myself. This was after my wonderful Nursing career in which I excelled EVERYWHERE I went. Anyway, lots of backround and long stories but I was able to walk one day and still, under stress, and no sleep, or maybe a few days of improper nutrition, I fall back a bit.

However, this was the BEST year I have had in years!! The summer was incredible. And I had some bad times but when the Christmas season came wow!!! Everyday!! My husband had the WHOLE MONTH off and each day we were somewhere or we had friends/family over. It was a winter wonderland. So after spending a quiet New Years, a few days later, around the fourth, I woke up not being able to walk, hardly. I cried. WHY!!!??? I was so good, why God? again....I hobbled painfully to the upstairs bathroom. No appetite. And having to up my Morphine again when I was getting off all my meds. I know what I have to do but dont know where I went wrong...My husband said I didnt sleep enough. He is correct. I dont think I got, all through Dec, more than 2 hours at a time, of sleep..little power naps. And the end result, even today, is It is hard again to walk and do my ADL's. But I go on....I did my Yoga and my Cardio light today...and my legs are on fire! my head is pounding but i digress (what else is new LOL!!!)

So deep thoughts..quick observation. Sometimes I wish my Blog was DEEEEP....I feel like some things are deep..but people's blogs I one inparticular...well maybe one or two..just are so DEEP..make me think...I mean..I am like that and I can put a lot of quotes up to make you think (NO OFFENSE!!! I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!) but I just am me.....

Next... Mark Messier. Let me tell HS Boyfriend was a (BLECH!!!) Islanders fan and I spent the better part of my HS time with him watching hockey but he never explained it to me so I was consistantly BORED.

My husband, was different. He got me into it right away, constantly stating "YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH IF YOU DONT WANT TO!!!" How could I not??!!! The most AMAZING and how can I say....the greatest sport because of ALLLL of the things you need to know and do. I was fortunate enough to meet my husband the year the Rangers (or the year before LOL!!) won the I saw them at there best. I put us on the waitlist at the time (they dont do that anymore) and waited TWO YEARS for tickets. We had season tix for SEVEN was incredible. SO I also Saw the best of Messier.

I taped the ceremony, and, my husband and I cuddled on our marital bed and watched it later..both tearing up watching the end of this AWESOME man's career. If you dont know anything about hockey...find out a little. If you dont know anything about Mark Messier..FIND OUT!!! Try to get a copy of the ceremony they had..listen to what EVERYONE had to say about him and what he had to say about everyone he had worked with..met...just everyone..even the fans...the kids he has helped...Christopher Reed.....I could keep going.

He was, and will always will be..


NOW!! THE PITTSBURG STEELERS!!! WOWW!!! WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As tired and sick as I was today I was all over the house with 4 TVs on, yelling so loud I scared the dog!!!!!!

I started watching football at age 7. I didnt understand it but with a new father who was a Giants fan, a mother who was also, and a step brother who came over on the weekends and was a (BLECH!@) Dallas fan....I also felt like I had to impress my new dad so I took out the basics of football from the middle school library...Funny when I look back. Probably less than 50 pages, (made for kids to learn) but I read ALL of it and came to LOVE to sport and of course, Born in 71, saw the Steelers in their Heyday...and have followed them every since.......

So I was proud of them, as I am every year. They get to the playoffs everyear but GOSH I would freak if they went to the Superbowl this year...AND WON!!! I would be the proverbial Happy Camper.

Anyway..I have a lot of profound things I have heard on TV, Radio, etc, and wrote down for you...for my BLOG..but that is for another time..

Sorry this was so long!!

Love you all and thanks for visiting!!!!

Gentle hugs and sweet kisses to all of you...

lickyourpassion 45M
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1/31/2006 12:42 am

You posted this twice, but I read it twice so here is my second response. I have been thinking about you. Nice to know you are still around. Hope you get to feeling much better soon.


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