Crazy Karen - Part 2  

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6/12/2006 3:53 am

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Crazy Karen - Part 2

It had been about a week since our last little adventure. I felt a fight coming on at work between me and Karen's boyfriend, but it never happened. He bowed out gracefully, and more or less said he was through with her.

I wondered if Karen was still interested in fooling around with me.
That Friday night, she removed all doubt from my mind.

It was another night playing pool at the local bar. Another night of her rubbing on me. And at the end of the night, I drew the shortest straw and had to drive everyone home.

The guys moaned and groaned that they wanted to get something to eat before turning in. The only place open was a White Castle hamburger restaurant. Everyone got out of the car, and Karen went to the bathroom. I was waiting in line to place my order when she came out of the bathroom, grabbed me out of line, and pulled me back to the restrooms.

She pushed me into the men's room and started taking off her jeans. I looked for a lock on the door, and found a flimsy slide lock. She got one leg out of her jeans, propped it up on the sink, and said "Let's fuck - now!"

I undid my fly as quickly as possible, which is never quick enough in these circumstances. As if on cue, my cock sprang to life and I lifted her bare leg while she balanced on the other one. No foreplay, no kissing, and no "I love you's".
I had just gotten a good rhythm when someone started knocking on the door.
"Occupied!" was about all I could get out.

Within only a few minutes I could feel my orgasm building. I wanted to hold back, but this was just too freaky. I told her I was about to come. She told me to come in her pussy. I didn't want to get her pregnant, and hadn't worn a condom, so I pulled out. She acted pissed off, put her bare leg back in her jeans, and started walking toward the locked door, still unbuttoned, and sweaty.

I grabbed her arm, and pulled her back toward me.
"Awww, I didn't know you cared" she said.
Then she dropped to her knees, and completely swallowed the entire length of my cock. She gave head like she had been doing it all her life. When I was about to come, she pulled back, and jerked me off onto her face and shirt.

She scooped some of my come into her mouth, but most of it was on her forehead, cheek, chin, neck...
Before I could say another word, she opened the door and walked out.

The guys had already ordered their burgers and were waiting in the car when she walked out. I walked out a few seconds later.
Luckily, the place wasn't very crowded at 3AM, but there were still some people there.

"The next time I tell you to come in my pussy, you better do it!"

I was in shock. About all I could think of was "Okay."

She walked out to the car, and I followed her. The guys couldn't tell what had happened at first, but when they smelled the come on her face, they figured it out.

"Hey, couldn't you wait until you took us home?" one of the guys asked.

Karen turned around and asked if anyone wanted to give her a kiss. They all backed away, figuring she went a little nuts.

I quickly drove everyone home. Karen didn't say another word the rest of the morning. I hadn't noticed that she didn't button up her jeans or shirt after she got in the car.
She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, telling me she was sorry for making a scene. She reeked of my come.
"Kiss me," she said. "Kiss me so I know we're OK."

I pulled up to her apartment, got out of the car and opened the door for her. "Good-night, Karen," I said.
I gave her a kiss on one of the few areas of her face that wasn't covered in my dried come. She sighed and explained that she was on the pill, and that she just wanted to feel me come inside her. I told her that would have been nice to know an hour ago.
She gave me a hard kiss on the lips and put my hands on her ass. I slid them down the back of her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. She pushed one of my fingers into her asshole as far as it would go, then pulled it out and sucked on it.
"I cleaned my asshole for you tonight, too," she said.

My jeans were getting wet with pre-cum. "I'll keep that in mind, if there's a next time," I said with a smile.

"Oh, there's going to be a next time alright," she said.
Yes, indeed.

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