Chance Meeting - Part 2  

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5/20/2006 11:17 am

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Chance Meeting - Part 2

We met for dinner at about 6PM. It seemed like an early start, but I guess they planned on a long night. Mara was dressed in an shimmery metallic above-the-knee dress that showed off her full back. Pak was dressed in a tailored suit, similar to my own.

They ordered a rather light meal, so I did the same. A few drinks after dinner and they were ready to move on. I couldn't keep track of all the twists and turns Pak was taking as he drove to what I imagined to be their home.

We went inside and they immediately removed their shoes (as is the custom). Mara said they would be right back after they slipped into something more comfortable. A few moments later, they reappeared in bathrobes, handing me one to join them.
I asked, "Where should I change?"
"Right there would be fine," Mara said with a smile.
From what I could hear in the background, Pak was getting a hot tub running. I stripped completely, trying to prevent a full-on erection as Mara watched. I cinched the terry cloth belt around the robe and asked Mara for a drink. She motioned to a wet bar in the corner of the room.
As I was pouring a glass of Scotch, Mara walked over to me and asked what I wanted to do tonight.
I said that her husband thought we might like to fool around, and then asked what she wanted to do.
"I'm not very experienced, and neither is Pak," she said.
"Would you mind showing us everything you know?" she added.
"Are you sure Pak is OK with this? I don't want any jealousy problems arising," I replied.
"Pak is just as anxious as I am... and very curious," she said with a grin.

I could tell it was going to be an interesting evening. Before I had a chance to ask her how she'd like to get started, she asked me the same question.
"Well," I said, "let's start with what you know."

Without skipping a beat, she dropped to her knees, opened my robe, and began blowing me like a pro.
Just then, Pak appeared and called out Mara's name. I almost dropped the glass of Scotch, I was so startled. She paused momentarily to say she was sorry for starting without him, but figured he's be able to catch up.
He just smiled and said that the water was just right if we wouldn't mind moving to the hot tub.
I helped Mara to her feet and she asked if what she had done so far was alright. I told her it was great, but not to forget a little kissing before a blow job. She said she was sorry and gave me a full-tongued kiss that made my cock so hard it was pushing her away.
"Wow! I see what you mean!" she said.

We eased into the hot tub, me with my glass of Scotch (which was mostly just a glass of ice cubes by now) and Mara and Pak each with a glass of wine.
"Why don't you practice what we talked about, Mara?" I asked.
She put down her glass of wine, and then Pak's, and proceeded to kiss him long and hard while reaching for his growing cock. He stood up in the hot tub, allowing his erect 5" dick to bounce in Mara's face. She immediately engulfed it in her mouth, having an easier time with his smaller cock. Within 2 minutes he muttered something to her that I imagine was "I'm going to cum!"
She held out her hand and continued to stroke him off until his jizm landed in the palm of her hand. She quickly wiped her hand off in a towel.

"Why didn't you cum in her mouth?" I asked Pak.
He said that she thought the idea of swallowing cum was disgusting.
"Mara," I said, "is that true?"
She said she thought he wouldn't kiss her afterward if he came in her mouth. I said they'd both have to get over that.
"Can I try again?" she asked.
"On me? Sure!" I said.

As I stood up out of the water, Pak's eyes widened as he realized the size of my cock compared to his. It was almost like he admired it.
Mara gave me a long kiss, and worked her way down to my fully erect member.
Her ability to take all of me down her throat confirmed my belief that she was more experienced than her husband, at least in this category.
She squeezed my balls lightly, licking them, and then putting my cock back in her mouth.
I could see Pak stroking himself under water.
I held her head so she would look up at me as I shot my first load down her throat. She backed off ever so slightly so as to catch the next two spurts on her tongue. Then she backed away from me completely and moved over to Pak. She gave him a deep tongue kiss and I could see my cum dribbling out of both of their mouths as they kissed. I wasn't expecting that!

"Better?" Mara asked.
"Oh yeah," I managed to mutter.

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