I quit my job to build my new family.  

rm_rakandjak 42M/43F
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4/17/2006 1:36 pm
I quit my job to build my new family.

we are merging our families. i have three: boy (11), girl (9), girl (6). he has one girl (7). i have raised my kids to be able to express themselves, how they feel.
i didn't have my kids when we got together: i choose to keep them at the school that they have been in.
my kids love jak so much that they are afraid to tell on his daughter. (he knows that now.) now it seems they are all testing each other too much! even jak and myself do that. WHY IS EVERTHING SUCH A TEST!!!
all these tests hurt me!!! no one can ever trust, that's how messed up this world is.
i try to quide the child's to find something better than fighting (negative energy). i want the positive (nature, sunrise, sunset, falling stars, rainbows, etc.)
sorry to vent too much!
it's all good! too many tests.......

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