Hope for Reality of fantasy!!!;)  

rm_raider094 31M
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4/1/2006 3:01 pm
Hope for Reality of fantasy!!!;)

I see many people telling about their fantasies on here, but they also go into detail about them on their blogs. So I decided to give it a shot.

It would all start out as I see the girl of my dreams (physical speaking). As I see her she instantly grabs my attention and like wise with her. We both give each other a slight smile but try not to seem too interested. As I try to not bee too obvious I start to check her out. She's nice and ample like Beyonce, not too thick and not too skinny. Has long nice smelling hair with a face that's so perfect you just can't but to stare and smile when you see it. Then I start to move my eyes down to the rest of her body to see her full bountiful breast that moves with a nice bounce and jiggle each time she moves. And with a stomach that has a belly piercing w/ nice abs. Then with a nice bubble butt that you can bounce dimes off of. And as I bring my gaze back up to hers she sees me starring at her and is kind of stunned cause she was doing the same. She then makes her way over to me and stands right next to me with her body right next to mine, kind of straddling me but not to seem too engaged. Then she makes smile that can like up the darkest caves and tip toes up to my ear and says, "I couldn't keep noticing that you were eye fucking me." I then turn all hot inside and off a chuckle with embarrassment, but I play it cool and say, "I just couldn't help to notice how beautiful you are." She then seems pleased with the answer and introduces herself and then we engage into a full on conversation about each other. As we realize that we both have to go I then offer her my number and a chance to get together with her sometime. She gives me her number and says let's get together now. As we get to my room and we both enter as I turn around from closing the door she is right behind me waiting to give me a kiss. We start kissing passionately, rubbing and holding each other tightly. She then goes for my shirt to lift off and my hands are already there to take it off. I then take my hands and cup them under her ass lift her up with her legs wrapped around me as I take her to the bed. As I lay her down she then grabs my cock and we start kissing again. We then start to undress each other and when we are all naked she she hugs me while holding my cock and says,"I'm all yours" and then drops to her knees and starts to suck me off. I then start to get all light headed from her special talent and then make my self to lie down on the bed as she does her thing. As she's down on me I start to feel her swollen pussy as it's wet a pulsing w/ her heart beat. I then position my body under hers and we both engulf in each other as she sucks harder as I engage in her juices. We then fuck for hours in every position we can think of and finish sweaty and wet then fall asleep in the wetness of our liquids. We both then wake up together both satisfied and me w/ a hard on from the memories of it. I ask her how she was and she says a little bit sore and horny. She tells me she's not too sore for more and then looks down at the tent that was pitched under the sheets and engage into it some more as the sun comes up!!!

Please give me your comments about this and drop a line or two if ur interested in making this happen!!!

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