Quite a dream...  

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4/23/2006 6:37 am

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Quite a dream...

I had a pretty weird, interesting dream last night (in a sexually weird/fun/exciting/uncomfortable way -- like when you were getting nude in a public shower or locker room for the first few times). I dreamt that I was going to take a shower, but this shower was sort of in the middle of where all the activity in the house was (like living room, kitchen, etc. -- anyway, there were a few people milling around). Also, the shower didn't have a complete curtain all the way around it. The side had a big full curtain. But on the end where the shower head was, there were these little curtains -- a couple of them vertically. So each one was 10-12 inches wide, and about as long. So they only blocked you when you were on the side of the shower near the big side curtain (away from the wall) -- they didn't go all the way to the wall. And even then, they didn't shield all of you from those outside the shower.

So I was a little apprehensive of taking a shower with these other people milling around the room! Plus I was (in my dream) wearing these sexy, medium-rise briefs that I bought recently and wear occasionally when I want to feel secretly sexy. (Hey, I think I look good in them! Oh yeah, but since I'm posting a picture you can judge for yourself.)

Anyway, since I'm from a pretty conservative family (and I think these people in my dream were family -- not my real family members' faces, but I think I knew them as family in the dream, even if they weren't my real-life family), I didn't want anybody to know that I was wearing these sexy briefs. As far as they would have guessed, I'd be wearing the traditional white briefs.

So I was dragging my feet with getting into the shower, trying to figure out how to shield my sexy briefs from my family seeing them. But I guess I finally got in and was turning the water on... but I remember someone else in there with me. (I think they were clothed, if I were to guess) It was a female/lady (remember, I think these people were family in my dream -- NO, I wasn't having sexual thoughts about this female "family" member! So stop thinking that.) Anyway, this someone else was trying to help me adjust the water temperature, and I also remember this pretty nice, sophisticated radio (but don't remember for sure if the radio was part of the shower story). Hey, I do have other interests besides sexual ones. (Oh, that's RIGHT! I remember now the volume units on this radio were in 1/8ths! Heh, I remember thinking that was funny.) Well, I was a little annoyed at this person trying to "help" me.

Hm... that's about all I remember. I guess it sounds anti-climactic, huh? But it WAS a dream -- which are often fun, especially ones with sexual content. And I woke up with a really nice case of morning wood. So that's good. So then I got up and put on my sexy briefs and took some pictures and typed out this story for you.

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