Inspecting Privates! (The Army Story!)  

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Inspecting Privates! (The Army Story!)

Inspecting Privates (The Army Story!)
Why be in the Army? Have a part of the Army in you!

The club Knox was packed when I arrived, I wasn't supposed to be there. Recently I'd witnessed a transaction between a sniper from a near by army base and an underground weapons dealer. I really couldn't help witnessing the trade. The sniper wore fatigues and a tight olive shirt. I learned later his name is Watters. Well, you know the old cliche 'man in uniform'. So he turns out to be in the middle of this huge sting the army is putting on him. So the officials said I was to lay low, and the next tomorrow a lieutenant and his team would be taking me to some base to keep me safe until I could testify.

Club Knox wasn't a low profile type of place, quite the opposite in fact, but I wanted to have a night out considering I didn't know how long this would keep me for.

The club was hopping and bopping, the music loud...I just dove right in.I had on my tight red dancing dress, the one I like to club in. I had on the matching shoes, which propelled my height a three inches taller than my regular 5'7. I left my auburn/sun dyed red hair down. It fell near to my waist in waves set by curlers. Depending on the lighting, my eyes had various shades of blue.
The crowd was dense, and I could barely make it onto the dance floor, one of the bouncers I knew worked the crowd near by it. We'd flirted before so we did this mock sultry dance for a few seconds before I moved on. He was one of those guys you could score with at the end of the night, if nothing better came along. He was a man's man with a huge muscular chest and arms like cannons. Your active healthy guy who didn't smoke, and kept buff and fit.

So joining the crowd I danced a few numbers thinking about the aspects of the bouncer. Too bad I couldn't take him along with me to the base as protection during my testimony stint. This was the kind of guy you knew took his work seriously and loved ridding the club of low life guys who thought they were all tough.

Needing a rest and a drink I broke off from the dance floor and noticed I was near the washrooms, than the bar. I headed that way first noticing the guys in the corner at the lone pool table, I was doing it again. Ogling these guys in their fatigues milling about the table and playing darts. Curbing the urge I decided to forget about trying my luck over there in case it got me into another situation like the one with the sniper Watters. The one studying the pool table contemplating his next shot caught my eye though. Leaning in to study the table at an angle, gave me a great view to ogle though. I admit, I salivated first at the sight of his ass, but the drooling really started when he moved to contemplate another angle. The size of his crotch told me something, and it wasn't that playing pool in a club got him super hard. The only possibility was that it was real or a woman's bra.

Impulsively I moved in to find out while he was still leaning in the perfect position. I'm not sure what the others saw, but because I was being a little discreet, not many could have known my actions. I slid my hand around under his abdomen down between his legs and gave that massive bulge a light groping. I guess because I stood so close to him the others simply assumed I'd known him. I released him as he straightened up to look at me suddenly, the look of perplexity on his face made me grin coyly.

"I just wanted to feel some Privates, " I joked quietly.

His perplexity changed slightly to amusement, and I was sure I saw a hint of lust in his brown eyes. Leaning against the pool table I gave him the entire look over from head to toe, noting his name on his shirt. 'Williams'. My knowledge of the army told me it was his last name stitched on. The markings on his sleeves, looked like a lieutenant's, but I wasn't sure. When he didn't laugh I asked coyly, "What's the matter? You don't like surprise snap inspections?"

His expression lightened, and his pool partner moved around the table to get in on the conversation and I looked at him wondering if I was getting into more trouble.

"I have specific orders to ensure this game is fairly fought, " I said to his partner who stopped next to us.

His shirt read 'Ruddy', and he appeared more amused than my intended target, he asked, "Really? How?" Looking at Williams again I noticed his curious expression. His dark brown eyes held more lust though and I watched him as I replied, "Well for one, your balls are all over the table."

This merited a grin from Williams, and Ruddy chuckled. Several others started to look on now, one of the dart players dropped his darts. I lowered my voice so only Williams could hear as I said softly, "I hope he isn't your missile launcher."

The grin grew on his face now, and I knew then my actions had paid off. Looking at Ruddy again I informed, "I'll need to make a detailed report about how you racked balls here tonight."
Ruddy snorted in laughter, and the others started to forget what they were doing as they looked and laughed with delighted interest and laughed. A soldier dropped his dart and looked up at me calling, "I'm playing whoever wins." Williams glanced at him, but kept his attention on me, where I wanted it.

"I'll have to stick around to ensure the pool sticks stay straight and long then," I mused aloud to nobody in particular. Ruddy cracked up laughing now, but it was Williams who replied, "You're doing a fine job of that right now." Unable to keep from eying him I noticed I indeed was doing a fine job. The dart player teased, "Hey L-T, if your cue stick is too hard I can take over." Ruddy taunted, "This coming from the guy who can't aim his dart straight."

I couldn't help grinning at that, but I was surprised by Williams sudden nearness. He towered over me, but leaned down close to my ear, "As soon as I finish this pool game, I'm going to find out just how good you are at playing with pool sticks." Either from his closeness, or his words, I got this tingle all over. I kept my hands to myself though, and watched as he moved back to the table deliberating his next shot.

Ruddy watched for a moment before he gave me a wink, "Hey Smoothie, you better find out if all our balls are in the right pockets too." From my groping, I knew what was in the right place, I looked at Williams who didn't look away from the table as he said, "Distracting me won't work, seven in that corner." While he motioned I mused, "I can tell you're solid." He looked at me with an amused grin, and Ruddy laughed.

"Careful how you push it in, I'm watching," I commented.

The others hooted in laughter at this, but Williams kept focused and made his shot. The ball went in and I teased, "You're good at banging them in the corner." There were more snickers, but I watched Williams who moved in my direction pausing to comment in my ear, "You're real good with your mouth; I want to find out how good." He moved along to study the pool table while the others watched. One called, "Hey L-T, when you're done, show her how good you are at sticking your darts in the board." I watched Williams, and the pool table as I replied waving a hand, "Please, you're distracting me from admiring how he's got his balls laid."

There were more hoots of laughter, and Williams looked up from the table at me. I was doing a good job of distracting him now, I wondered how it would affect his playing ability. Ruddy joked, "Careful now Smoothie, you'll make him shoot prematurely." While the others cracked up laughing with Ruddy I winked at Williams, "This coming from a guy with striped balls." The laughter grew, and Williams grinned at me before studying the table again. If he didn't finish this game, he would shoot prematurely.

I watched as he considered his next shot, listening as Ruddy teased, "They're actually blue, Smoothie." Glancing at him I mocked, "Accidentally sit on a block of ice?" This got more laughter, and I noticed Williams starting to become more distracted. He decided on his next shot, the one in a side pocket from off the opposite bank. He sunk the one, and one of the dart players teased, "Hey Smoothie, I dare you to take L-T's balls back out." I turned to look for his name before I decided on a reply, but Williams answered in my defense first, "You definitely don't have the balls to do it yourself Nicholls." Nicholls retorted, "They're steel L-T." Ruddy laughed and added, "And rusted!" There was more laughter, but Williams contemplated his next shot.

These guys were getting them in faster than I could now, someone else taunted, "Yeah rusted, with a tinge of blue like L-T's solid two there on the table." This prompted Williams to look up at him, and Ruddy teased, "Watch it Nash, he'll set Smoothie on you." I glanced at Ruddy and then looked at Williams for his response. He looked at Nash suggesting, "Why don't you put your balls here on the table where I can break them?" Humorously surprised I looked at Williams who gave me a wink while the others laughed. While he deliberated again Ruddy watched joking, "You watch it too L-T. Smoothie here may grab you by the pool stick and break your own balls."

Well I already had grabbed his pool stick, but I didn't break anything. Williams grinned, but didn't look at him, "I told you distracting me isn't going to work. The two in the corner off the bank." I ignored the jibes while I watched. Williams made the shot sinking the ball. Ruddy groaned and I teased, "You were talking about yourself shooting prematurely, weren't you?" While the others laughed, Williams agreed, "Sounds like it." I gave him a grin and he moved around the table again, the eight was the only one left, but trapped near several stripped balls.

I looked at Ruddy informing, "I'll be making a report that you left your balls in the way." While the others laughed Ruddy taunted, "If he gives me a chance Smoothie, I'll show you how I handle my own pool stick." Williams remarked, "If she reports what she sees to the General you'll have a dishonorable discharge." Surprised again I laughed this time along with the others. One of them added with laughter, "Premature too!" Williams moved to stop next to me studying how to make his next shot informing, "He accidentally discharged his weapon several times, so be careful where you stand." I gave him a grin lowering my voice answering, "I like where I'm standing right now." Admiring his physique, while he was close I joked, "I'll have to ensure my report states you have a fine form...I mean uniform." He grained, and then looked at Ruddy who asked, "How are you playing this one?" Before he could reply Nash joked, "Hey L-T, it isn't good if you got just one ball left for Smoothie to play with. Better get them back out." Williams looked at him replying, "If I sink this last shot, you're putting yours on the table and she's breaking them." Ruddy held his pool cue out to me, "Here Smoothie, you can use my stick to whip his ass." I looked at him, "Although that is a tempting offer-." I looked at Williams finishing, "I prefer your stick, it seems to be very lucky."

Another roar of laughter came, and Williams studied the table grinning, "Talk about pressure." Looking at Ruddy he said, "The eight off your balls into the corner." I laughed, and Ruddy winced while we watched. Making the shot the cue hit the eight ball which strewed two striped balls before hitting the side, and rolling toward the predicted corner. It slowed dramatically to a near halt at the edge of the pocket where one of the guys shouted, "Blow his ball Smoothie!" The eight dropped in and I replied, "No need, your hot air did the trick." While they laughed I gave Williams a wink, "I like trick shooters." Setting aside his cue stick he gave Ruddy a jab on the shoulder, "It's your turn, use your stick to get your balls off the table."

Williams made his way back over toward me ignoring the laughter, and I watched as Ruddy examined the table, "You messed up my balls L-T." I covered a snicker with one hand, the other Williams took.

A few seconds later he spirited me away from the pool table and I followed his lead. Having been in the club Knox before, I had an idea of where we were going. The back of Knox had an entry to the underground parking beneath the strip of commercial businesses along with Knox. At this hour the parking lot wouldn't be frequented due to the hours of business. We were headed for the hall adjacent to the bar that led to the stair well exit. Aside from the payphone in the hall, the loudest noises I could hear was a brewing dispute at the bar. I ignored the arguing patrons while I followed Williams who headed for the exit to the stairs. It seemed finally I would get to meet his privates!

As soon as the door closed behind us the din from Knox became dull, and I followed him down the steps wondering when he was ever going to stop. Then I remembered using the stairwell once before and that it had an landing that turned before continuing the final steps to the parking lot. Anyone entering the stairwell from either side couldn't see onto the landing in between the levels until they reached near it. As I suspected he stopped there and turned to face me. Silently he slid my hand he held to that massive package of his, I didn't need invitation and followed along delightfully. A second later he dropped his mouth down over mine, his tongue quickly probing me. If I though he felt hard before he was massively rock hard now, his hands groped at my breasts firm, but gentle. Mine were groping around his crotch searching for a way inside his camouflage pants while trying to stroke the length of his cock. I was desperately wanting to get my hands on it when he literally gave me a hand. Working blindly feeling around was not my best ability, not I'd been in the territory before.

None the less he was exposed and my hands met the hardest, longest, widest cock I'd ever handled before. When my hand caressed the tip of the monster I felt the pre-cum on it. I got wet right then, and literally pulled away from his probing tongue, and pushed myself in the direction of his erection.Before I could reach my destination, Williams shifted to hoist himself up on the rail running along the wall of the landing.
Too eager to wrap my mouth around him, I didn't bother with complimenting his athletic ingenuity as I eagerly moved in between his legs and tongued the head of his cock. Savoring the taste for a few seconds, I took the monstrosity in to the hilt where it slid down my throat. Moaning in my delighted excitement, my panties moistened slick with my hot juice.

His hands wound through the hair at the back of my head as he gasped from the pleasure of my unintentional hummer. As I let his cock slide out of my mouth I kept the head inside to suck on it. Stroking under the head of his cock with my tongue poking at the crevice under the head before sucking and adding pressure again,. Then I quickly took this cock back into my mouth to the hilt again enjoying the pleasure it gave me. It wasn't quite the same as getting penetrated in my tight hole, but still a turn on.

I wanted to suck him fast and furious now, and had to pick up my pace. He growled in delight as I worked his cock feverishly in and out of my mouth, sucking hard. I could feel his body reacting, the pressure building to near explosion. His hands tightened on me as I frantically sucked his massive cock, nearly spraining my neck as I continued to rapidly bob my head in and out between his legs. Sucking harder and faster on his cock I could feel him near ready to erupt down my throat. His hands gripped my head firmly, moving in rhythm with each stroke as he gasped in pleasure.
Each thrust he involuntarily made he precariously balanced on the rail like a star athlete. I applied pressure with my mouth and stroked in swirls with my tongue. In a lust full growl he groaned, "Your hot, pretty mouth is bliss, baby." Unable to speak with my mouth busy, I returned his compliment with another hummer which was returned by a thrust. I applied more pressure to the head of his cock as I slid it out again, and he gasped, "I'm gonna shoot this long hot load any second now." I sucked his cock in and out faster when I felt the eruption starting. I applied the tightest possible pressure. The lustful growl came as his load shot through his cock and I moaned again in delight as it squirted down the back of my throat. It was indeed a long hot load, and once it was spent I could feel him relax. I wasn't done enjoying his cock though, and flitted my tongue rapidly back and forth under the end of it in my mouth.

He groaned, "Damn you're good at it, it feels so awesome." I'd been so enraptured with his cock, that until then I hadn't looked up at him. He watched me as he enjoyed me licking and sucking at his cock. Giving the head of his cock another tight suck I watched him this time to note his expression. Bliss did cross his face as he gasped, "You enjoy it, that's why you're so good at it." Probing the end of his cock with my tongue for any cum, I could agree with a quiet, "Un huh." I took the head of his cock into my mouth and circled it with my tongue licking the underside of the end again with pleasure. Williams used his hands to push me off his cock gently, "I've definitely had enough, if we were anywhere else I'd let you continue."

Reluctantly relinquishing his cock, I stood to look at him as he moved from the rail. That was when I think I first noticed the noise level rise from the stairwell door to the club Knox. Williams distracted me though, sliding his hands up my legs under the bottom of my tight red dress. His mouth came down over mine again, and while his hands explored under my dress, his tongue probed my mouth.

Somewhere through the distraction he caused me, I again noticed the noise from the club. his hands slid under my panties reaching my slick hole, the discovery caused him to probe further. Testing one finger into my hole, he broke free of me with his mouth, and looked at me, "You've got a tight little hole!" His thumb caressed my clit above my hole and I writhed onto his hand while he continued stroking with his thumb, "You like that?" I gasped, "Oh yeah." A stroke or two more, I could've come, but the noise from Knox became too noticeable to ignore. Pausing to listen for a moment he suggested, "We can finish what we started here later. Let's go see what's going on." I had to agree, and as we straightened our clothing back I replied quietly, "As long as that's a promise, I won't complain. I'm beginning to worry we'll be interrupted anyway."

He nodded and took my hand when we we were decent again. I could hear the noise clearer as we neared the door. It sounded like angry shouting and some kind of scuffle. As we neared the last steps to the bar I asked, "A fight?" He looked at me and I could see he agreed, but hoped not, "If it is, you stay back here where it's safe for now." I nodded and waited cautiously behind him as he opened the door. The noise hit like a blast, girls were screaming, and I heard glass break.

Williams stood wide and tall, forming a perfect manly barrier from the trouble in the bar. I had no reason to be afraid with a strong massively built man to protect me. When he moved to look back at me I could see an all out brawl past him down the hall. Quickly he ordered, "Go outside through the parking lot, and I'll meet you out front when this is clear. There's no way you're going in there." I nodded quickly with agreement, I had no desire to enter a melee. He released my hand and used a finger to touch my lips gently, "If we cant find each other, I'll leave a contact number for you with the club owner. Don't get near any of the crowd, wait across the street." Hoping to still keep the promise of finishing off later tonight I gave the tip of his finger a lick before he drew away.

We separated, I went down the stairs, Williams through the door. I wondered if his friends would be looking for his help inside Knox and how they would manage. It was quite obvious that Williams was in charge of the men, and being the biggest and strongest of the men, his help may have been needed. Little did I know I should've been worrying about how I would manage. When I got out front a massive riot was in full swing. Across the street was no better because the police had arrived in full force trying to get things under control. I didn't see any signs of any soldiers in uniforms, as I picked my way around cars. Each new safe spot I claimed became unsafe quickly as the throng of people wrestled every each way. I got shoved from behind by these guys trying to flee the police, moving I watched as the police charged through. Some how the riot had gotten around me, I guess the police had been moving them and they came my way. Looking for an escape or help, I tried to make my way through only to find the police wanting the crowd to go the opposite way. It became a mess, and I stayed close to the people running and followed them.
Fortunately when I was eventually knocked down, there was no crowd to trample me right away. I got up and took off, if I got into any trouble now the officials waiting for my testimony would be enraged for disobeying their orders of laying low.

I needed to get home safe so I could be picked up tomorrow and transported. When I finally was free of the riot I went home, it was enough excitement for me. I decided I'd call the Knox owner in the morning to find out Williams number. I'd need to explain that I would be away for a while. Sighing as I closed my apartment door behind me I relaxed for a moment before checking for any injuries. Disappointed at how the night had ended I got undressed and ran a hot bath. Studying myself in the full length mirror I checked again for any injury along my naked body. I didn't see anything, but figured where I was sore I might bruise. I must have soaked for nearly an hour when the water became cold.

Of course during the soak I had to finish what Williams had started, stroking myself until a tremendous climax. When I finally got into bed, I was more tired and sore than before. I fell asleep easily within minutes.


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