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Join the Army, and have the Army join you!
I awoke to knocking at my door, but ignored it for several minutes. When it got louder, I groaned as I opened my eyes wearily looking at the clock.
My eyes sprang wide open as I read the time 10:15! I was supposed to be leaving at 9am! Examining my clock, I realized I forgot to turn the alarm on to wake me.
Grabbing my bathrobe I moved, feeling the injuries from the previous night now.
"Hold on!" I called as I slipped on my robe and tied it. Rubbing sleep from my eyes I head to the door.
"Ms. Holt, are you okay in there?" A voice that sounded familiar asked from outside the door. I unlocked the door and opened it trying to place the voice, but I recognized the troop of men in fatigues out in the hall.
For a second we gaped at each other in surprise before Williams smiled, "If you're Tori Holt, I'm truly going to enjoy completing my orders."
I teased, "You didn't complete them last night, but given the circumstances, I'll give you another chance." The others broke up laughing, and I stepped aside to allow them in, "You may as well wait in here, I forgot to set my alarm last night."
Following me inside, and eyeing my bathrobe, Williams mocked, "Too much excitement for you last night?"
I looked at him, looking for remnants of the fight, I couldn't help the head to toe ogling and I mused quietly, "Well, it looks like you made out quite well."
The grin I expected appeared on his face, and Ruddy moved to stand beside him, a cut on his chin stood out with his laugh, "That's because we already cleaned up before L-T returned to join us." Williams glanced at him, but let the barb go. Instead, he said to me, "We're late, we won't keep you. Go get yourself ready."
I gave him a look that told him I was ready, but added a grin to show I got what he meant.
A voice I recognized as Nash asked, "Hey Smoothie, you got a pool table in here? I still haven't played L-T yet."
I headed to the bedroom replying, "Well, there's a table in here, but you'll have to supply you're own sticks and balls to play with."
I could still hear the laughter as I went into the bedroom and shut the door. I had to wonder if I would be interrupted getting ready, but figured because we were behind schedule it wasn't likely.
I could hear them bantering as I got ready and noticed a few bruises where I was sore, starting to appear. Luckily I had a bag ready of things I was told to bring and when I was done I picked it up and headed out of the room.
Williwams was waiting by the door, Nicholls whistled and I noticed a bruise at the end of one eyebrow. Ruddy teased, "Keep your comments to yourself Nicholls."
Ignoring them, I looked at Williwams informing, "I was told I'd be leaving at 9am, we're over an hour late. Does this mean we're in trouble?" Nash joked, "No Smoothie, we'll just blame it all on Nicholls." When I glanced at him, Nicholls gave Nash a shove, who shoved back and I remarked, "So that's how it started last night!"

They laughed, and I looked at Williwams again who answered my question, "I called and told them we needed some time. Their main priority is ensuring you're safe until you testify. Specialist McCarthy over there stayed back last night, so I sent him here this morning to keep an eye on things." I followed his glance and noticed McCarthy who gave me a grinning salute, "I've been keeping an eye on things alright!" I grinned and then looked at Williams again, "Well...I'm ready."
He looked ready too, but I didn't add that. Willieams nodded, "Good, we'll be going then. I hope you got all your business sorted out here, because there's no chance you'll be returning until this is over." I nodded, "I did everything Colonel Reiser asked me to do."
Had we of been alone I would've added 'and more' considering I serviced him last night.
Williams remained on duty, but his eyes gave him away as he watched me, "Our orders are to transport you safely to our base. I will be refraining from formal introductions until the entire team is together there. Until then, I'm sure you're familiear with us here." A grin appeared on his face and I nearly joked that I was indeed very much familiar with his privates.
Instead, I looked at Nash who remarked, "She knows what she's in for." Ruddy quipped, "Yeah, Smoothie gets to break your balls on our pool table back at the base Nash." Giving me a wink, Ruddy added, "You can use my stick to do it if you want."
I shrugged indifferently, "As long as it isn't striped, like your balls." Ignoring the laughter, I looked at Williams who grinned before cutting off the laughter, "Okay, lets go." He moved to take my bag, and I relinquished it, following his lead to the door. Ruddy gave McCarthy a slap on the arm for his attention which was on me, "Hey McCarthy snap to it before L-T orders you to stay back and guard Smoothie's shoes!"
I liked the muscled McCarthy and I cut in quickly, "That's a daunting task only a brave soldier could do." McCarthy forgot Ruddy and gave me a big grin, Williams gave my butt a discreet squeeze with his hand to remind me he was there. (like he had to) I noticed a hint of jealousy in his brown eyes when I glanced at him.
Trooping out, I ensured the door was locked before following them down the hall. Their orders were carried out to the letter, as they became serious.
Although I had to make it safely to the waiting armoured car, they remained cautious, and serious. Even the dart players that remained at the car focused on their duty rather than their surprise at my appearance. It wasn't until we were inside that one of them asked, "L-T. Smootihie, is Ms. Holt?" Williwams replied from next to me where he sat, "Isn't that a pleasant coincidence?" McCarthy who was driving agreed, "It sure is L-T." I gave Williams an amused grin, and he returned it adding a wink.

Although they remained cautious and on duty, the questions I expected came. Nash who sat on my other side asked, "So how did you manage an escape last night Smoothie?" I rolled my eyes upward in disdain answering, "A chopper rescue would've been useful." Williams took interest as one of the dart players laughed.
Williams asked, "What happened?" I looked at him and relayed the chaos that I'd gotten through. Williams seemed concerned, and McCarthy commented, "I missed a good one." Nash commented, "Not really McCarthy, all the good weapons were taken. By the time L-T got on the scene, the pool cues, chair and table legs, bottles were broken or taken. Even the legs from the pinball machine were gone." I glanced at Nash informing, "I think one of them was being used out front last night."
One of the dart players asked, "Really?" I shrugged, "I wasn't exactly able to stand and watch, but three cops closed in with their batons in defense." I looked at Williams who appeared to be mentally kicking himself for telling me to go wait out front. He informed, "It was over by the time we got out front." I expected he would want to know more, but ask in private.
Curiously I asked, "What will you tell Colonel Reiser?" He answered, "As far as I'm concerned, you're safe, and our orders are being followed. There's no need to inform Colonel Reiser of anything else." I suddenly owed him for not telling about my high profile last night. It suddenly dawned on me that these soldiers could've turned out to be friends with the sniper Watters. I knew it wouldn't be long before someone made that point.
I had no idea where their base was, or how far, but my butt was getting numb so I squirmed. Of course my squirming distracted both Williams and Nash. Williams concentrated on his duty in order to keep from being completely distracted. Nash seemed to take more interest in my movements than looking for signs of trouble. If Williwams noticed, he didn't show it, and I did my best to sit still. McCarthy made a turn, and then said, "Traffic is slow the other way." One of the dart players commented, "That's the last thing we need. Stopped in traffic with Smoothie here." Nash retorted, "Why are you nervous, if Watters starts taking shots, one of us back here will be hit first."
I looked at Nash and then Williams who commented quietly, "Watters wouldn't make a hit while we're in a moving vehicle. If he even knows she's going to testify he'd study the base and wait for the perfect opportunity for a hit." I didn't know much about the sniper Watters, but I didn't like listening to my potential danger. McCarthy grinned as he stated, "I'd put a bomb under the car L-T."
We all looked at him, and he shrugged while he focused on his driving. One of the pool players teased, "I'll remember that whenever I get into a vehicle with you. Then I can make you clear the vehicle while I watch from a bunker 50 yards away." Williams shook his head silently and Nash quipped, "I'll fill your bunker with snakes." The dart player looked back and Nash added, "I think I saw one under your seat." Williwams ordered, "Enough Nash."
It was quiet and I figured the dart player had a fear of snakes. It made me wonder if Williams was afraid of anything. When I cast a curious glance at Nash wondering what he had a fear of McCarthy caught me from the rear view mirror and laughed. When I looked at him he chuckled, "Rats." I noticed Nash start, and then glare at McCarthy. Williams was watching perplexed, and I joked, "If you're reading minds as well as I do, then you can do the honors of slapping these guys."
Each of them looked around in surprise, and one of the dart players asked, "What about McCarthy? Does he slap himeslf Smoothie?" They chuckled and Williams warned, "I'll slap all of you if you don't stay focused."
It got quiet again and when I looked outside we were nearing the base. Long stretches of land used for drills and excersises loomed along the side of the road. Up ahead lay a check point gated off, once inside we would be surrounded by high security fences.
I glanced back at the vehicle following noticing Ruddy behind the wheel slowing. Nicholls blew a kiss to me simeltaneously as Williams turned to catch him. Nicholls turned it into a salute, and we both looked at each other. I teased, "I'm not so sure, but I think the salute was meant for me." He gave me an amused look, but turned his attention to the guards at the gate. Slowing to a stop, McCarthy let his window down. The guards looked in, and recognized Williams, both saluted.

"We were expecting you." , one said. Willams returned the salute replying, "Sergeant Ruddy is driving the car behind us with the rest of my team.this is Miss. Holt, Colonel Reiser asked us to transport and protect her here at the base." The soldier gave me a curt nod before looking the car over, then he said to the other guard, "I'll get the gate, you check with Sergeant Ruddy." Both moved and I watched as one guard moved to open the gate.
McCarthy waited until the gate opened completely before he continued through. I didn't need to look, to know that Ruddy would follow, and the gate would close behind. Instead, I took in the base as we travelled along.
It was evident that what was novelty to me, was every day life to them. While I was surprised to see men performing drills and hearing weapons fired, they simply ignored it. the only things they noticed was the other vehicles travelling the road, and fresh recruits enduring drills. The cars that passed, Williams ignored, he seemed more concerned with the nearby blasting drills.
Nash pointed out a soldier snagged on a mock training wall they were climbing for practice, "Check it out! I hope it's drill sergeant Jones!" McCarthy tried to glance while driving as the rest of us looked on. Williams shifted next to me, "It is, he's coming around to look." The others didn't have to tell McCarthy to slow down so they could watch, he'd already let his foot off the gas. One of the dart players announced, "I haven't seen him that red in the face since the day we did drills in 90 degree heat!" While I watched I mused, "You were in heat huh?" They chuckled while we watched Jones march brisquely around and stop barking up at the caught soldier. Nash joked, "He should leave him up there." Williams commented, "He won't, he'll have him do push ups in the mud." McCarthy laughed, "He should install a bar up there ehtn he could make him do chin ups instead."
Nash mused, "He's really caught." One of the dart players joked, "He'd be better off hanging himself up there, because when Jones gets him, he'll do it for him." McCarthy slowed to near a stop and I asked, "Do you know who's caught up there?" From next to me Williams peered out the window on the other side of Nash for a better look, "Looks like a cherry." I gave him a curious glance and he offered in amusement, "Virgin soldier, first field outing." I nodded, "I see, and you do this virgin activities in heat."
They laughed, and we watched as the soldier struggled, Williams ordered, "Stop for a second McCarthy." When he followed the orders I glanced behind us noticing Ruddy followed in suit. They had noticed what we had, and watched with interest as the soldier tried to free himself.
Jones screamed at him from below, obviously ordering the struggling soldier to come down. Williams mused, "If I was ever in his position, I'd go up and over. When I got down on the other side, I'd run." Nash laughed, and McCarthy peered at the struggling soldier, "He looks like that new recruit Ingram, the one who Captain Ford made stay at the latrine for a week."
They laughed and I glanced at Williams who agreed, "It does look like him." Nash put down his window, and the sound of Jones's harranguing came in. I could make out the orders of getting down, but it was dulled by the sounds of the other soldiers. Williams rested a hand on the seat behind us shifting slightly as he watched, "I think it is Ingram, and it looks like he's caught his holster rig on something." One of the dart players laughed, the other did an impersonation of Jones, "YOU MAGGOT! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE BEFORE I SHOVE A LIVE GRENADE UP IT!"

While the others laughed I commented, "Oh, this Jones sounds like a fun guy!" Nash cracked up laughing, and McCarthy howeled in laughter.

One of the dart players commented, "I'll tell him you said that Smoothie." The other who imitated Jones continued his aping, "That insubordination just cost you, get down and give me 20!" Looking at Williams I raised an eye asking, "Is that 20 minutes, seconds, or 20 times?" Williams looked at me, lust in his brown eyes. I bet he was thinking of me getting down and giving him 20. Williams replied quietly, "Push ups." I feigned understanding, "Ohh, I see, Push ups...should be push up and down, since that's what you're doing."
They laughed and I turned to look, the soldier was trying to haul himself upward. Williams took the opportunity that nobody was watching to slide his other hand along my leg. I raised my eyes and looked at him again. He grinned slyly as he groped my upper inner thigh. Coyly I started to move my own hand toward the buldge at his crotch, but he withdrew his hand and caught mine in time to stop me.
We were distracted by the soldier coming down, and I watched as Jones stood over him yelling. Ruddy and the others behind us whistled and clapped in applause, and it drew the attention of everyone at the wall. Williams ordered, "Go McCarthy!" As he hit the gas, Jones looked over, and I blew him a kiss and waved. I think he saw, but I wasn't sure. The curious glance he returned could have meant anything. It didn't go unnoticed, McCarthy noticed from the mirror and gaped, "You blew Jones a kiss!" All eyes moved to me, minus McCarthy who drove in surprise. Williams appeared more amused than jealous, Nash looked as shocked as McCarthy.

Nash asked, "Are you crazy? Jones doesn't have tolerance for insubordination from soldier or civilian." Williams grinned, although Nash may have been correct in his statement, it was doubtful Jones would be upset. I commented, "I want to get 20." I gave Williams a seductive look, and he grinned, "When you put it that way, I'm sure he'll be forgiving." One of the pool players commented quietly, "I don't know L-T, Drill sergeant Jones eats insubordinates as snacks. Smoothie here may go missing." I asked excitedly, "He'll eat me?" They laughed and I gave Williams a wink, "You guys have a very exciting base, I may join up." Nash joked, "They'll be walking into that wall instead of trying to climb it Smoothie, so reconsider." Williams agreed, "Colonel Reiser will have to get the cherries to build a separate training base just for her." McCarthy tried to focus on his driving asking, "Seriously L-T, what do you figure Jones will do? I'm sure he noticed, I hope he saw her and doesn't think it's one of us." Nash swore, and then apologized to me. Williams laughed, "Relax, he'll find out what we were doing and learn it was her. He'll likely leave it, she's an important witness. I'm sure Colonel Reiser will say something though." Williams looked at me adding, "Like cool it or he'll put a watch dog on you." I raised my eye brows asking, "Who? If it's someone I like, I'll have to purposely cause trouble." The others laughed, and Williams gave me an approving look while he nodded. If he was the watch dog, they'd need another on both of us to keep us apart.
McCarthy stopped in front a building, and Ruddy pulled up behind. Williams stayed close to my left, and falling into formation we trooped inside the building. Although the base was secure, Williams point of the sniper Watters taking a shot here was possible. All of them were careful, they knew snipers were deadly and any of them could be picked off.
Inside the main office salutes went around, and I recognised Colonel Reiser. Waiting quietly I studied the other two men with him, one wore stars indicating a General. The other might have been a Captain, I'm really bad at noticing much except how men looked in uniform.
Williams reported to the Colonel, "Colonel Reiser sir, as per your orders we have safely transported Miss. Holt." I glanced at Williams, and looked at the Colonel who nodded, "Good work Lieutenant."

The Colonel looked at the General and introduced, "Miss. Holt, this is General Peterson. He's in charge of this base. Sir, this is Miss. Tori Holt, our eye witness in the Watters investigation." The General extended a hand, and I took it noticing the General appeared to soften for my benifit, "Pleased to meet you Miss. Holt, I'd like to assure you that we will ensure your safety during your stay here." I gave him a winning smile, "Why thank you, from what I've seen so far, you run a wonderful base."
I was betting if we were alone, he would have flustered, due to the presence of the others he maintained professional control replying modestly, "Your compliment is appreciated Miss. Holt, and I'm pleased you like it here as you will be here for a while."
The Colonel motioned to the other man saying, "Allow me to introduce Captain Stevens." The Captain offered his hand and I took it greeting, "It's nice to meet you." My breasts may as well have been doing the talking to him, the way he glanced at them trying to remain focused. He replied politely, "It's a pleasure to have you here." I figured it would be everyone's pleasure.
Colonel Reiser informed, "The Captain and I have seent to your quarters here, and have taken every precaution. It will be Lieutenant Williams job to ensure your safety during your stay. His team will be around you at all times." I tried not to grin wide as I glanced at Williams who desperately maintained a solid face. I looked at the Captain who said, "Specialist Watters will be brought before our superiors in several days after our investigation wraps up. We have your written testimony filed, and are currently preparing for your verbal testimony before the superiors. They understand you are a crucial witness, and are currently working with us to keep you safe during the trial." My nipples seemed to like his voice, they stood at attention for him with each glance.
Waiting for whatever was next, I looked at General Peteerson who said, "Well now that we have all that out of the way, welcome to our base. I'll be leaving you in the capable hands of Lieutenant Williams."
I glanced at Williams biting my tongue to keep from remarking about his capable hands. General Peterson looked at Williams, "You've been given your orders, if there are any problems I want to hear about them immediately." Williams saluted, "Yes sir!" Returning the salute, the General informed, "You're dismissed to carry out your orders."
Williams looked at me as our cue to leave had been given. Before moving I gave them another smile.
As we headed back outside Williams said, "I'm to give you a brief tour of the area so you know where everything is before you get settled." The rest of the team stood outside waiting and Williams added, "You can meet them in your quarters."

After the brief tour I noticed Drill Sergeant Jones returning from the field. Pointing him out I said, "Look it's the Drill Sergeant, maybe he wants to drill someone!" McCarthy looked at me warning quickly, "Don't blow him a kiss!" I promised coyly, "I won't." Williams cast me a worried sidelong glance, and I grinned as the jeep sharply changed direction toward us. Starring as they neared I took in the sergeant in uniform, something about his stern orders and crisp appearance excited me. He was out of the jeep approaching before it could stop, and I grinned as I ignored the teams snap salutes while I watched.
Jones eyed all of us before taking me in slowly realizing what he'd seen earlier. I smiled and winked at him, his expression remained the same. He saluted back before looking at Williams, "Lieutenant Williams I witnessed some insubordination earlier during your transport of an important witness. I think General Peterson would like to hear about it."
I bit my tongue to keep from commenting, McCarthy looked like he was going to pass out as he cast me a worried glance while he watched. Jones looked at Ruddy adding, "Sergeant Ruddy, I found your actions equally as insubordinate, so don't think General Peterson won't hear about it."
Ruddy answered sharply, "Yes sir!" It was obvious Ruddy had been through the drills with Jones before and I raised an eye. Using a hand to keep my hair from blowing about my face I wiggled my fingers at Jones, "You hoo, excuse me!"
Everyone except Jones paled as they tensed, including the others remaining in Jones's jeep. Williams eyes spoke volumes, warning me to stop.
Jones turned his attention to me and I gave him a half flirting smile asking innocently, "Will you be reporting my actions to the General too?" (Like he'd report I was winking and blowing him kisses!)
McCarthy made a sound, and Jones glanced at him, Williams cast me another warning glance. Jones looked at me again replying crisply, "The Watters investigation is critical, everything regarding it must be reported to General Peterson. With that said, I won't be keeping you out here in the open. I have a report to make."
I waved at him as he started to stride toward the building I'd first entered. The others stood gaping, it took a few seconds before the man in the jeep in the driver's seat took off in pursuit of Jones.
McCarthy let out a breath, Nicholls a sigh. Williams looked at me in surprise asking, "You hoo? Are you crazy? We told you what Jones was like!" I gave him an innocent grin, "Yes, but my question was legitimate."
Nash moved to stand next to me pointing out, "True, but I saw you wink at him Smoothie." I winked at him, "Something is in my eye."
Ruddy looked at Williams, "Let's get her in L-T, before Jones comes back and she licks her lips at him next." I grinned and looked at Williams, his eyes mixed with excitement and concern.
Starting off again he said, "We'll have to have a long chat about Jones later." Well I don't know how much chatting we'd get in, but something would be long.
Inside my new sleeping quarters, I had the basic facilities. I was shown around, and then introduced to everyone including several women soldiers assigned to watch over various things ie:showers. Although I didn't care if Williams wanted to guard the showers, the others using them might mind.
Ruddy and Williams deliberated over the shifts before assigning tasks. Once dismissed, all that remained was Ruddy and Williams. I could guess Williams would want to get rid of Ruddy, and was correct.
Williams assigned him the task of finding out what Jones was telling General Peterson and smoothing over anything. Ruddy didn't like the orders, "Mind if I just bite off my own ass instead, it would be less painful." Williams simply stared at him, "When you're done, ensure the team is following orders so Jones doesn't get on us about that too."
Ruddy snapped a salute, "Yes sir lieutenant sir! While I'm at it sir, I'll give Jones a couple of winks too, sir!" As he headed to the door Williams finally smiled, "You don't have to be obvious around Jones, try not to get caught, and you wont have a thing to worry about." Ruddy looked at him pausing at the door, "Try not to get caught, yes sir! That's about as easy as riding in a tank with Ingram at the helm." I gave him a grin, "I wont mind watching Jones if you like." Williams looked sharply at me, and Ruddy continued out the door, "I'm not the one needing to be careful."
Disappearing as he closed the door I looked at Williams shrugging innocently, "You only live once." Williams nodded adding, "You only live dangerously." Slowly he closed the gap between us continuing, "You're on an army base now though, and not following orders gets you into plenty of trouble."
Looking down at me as he stopped, he mused, "Luckily you're too damn hot to try and punish. Even if we did, it would be something involving nudity which I'm sure you'd like anyway." I tried not to grin, and keep the look of someone appearing to feel bad for their actions.

Williams gave me a coy look as he leaned down closer to say quietly, "I'm inclined to beleieve if you liked it, we should simply refrain from that as a form of punishment. Abstinance could put you on your best behavior quickly. Good behavior has rewards." I nearly grinned and sensed Williams was simply toying with me and nearly ready to crack. I informed quietly, "I've always felt naughty behavior, merited naughty punishment. Perhaps a simple spanking would suffice?"
Having had enough toying, Williams took me around the middle and pulled me close muttering, "You are the naughtiest woman I've ever met." Dropping his mouth down over mine, I simply followed his lead. After all, I was in his territory now. I knew what was coming anyway, the size of his hard on crushed against me was more than obvious. How it happened remained yet to be seen, but Williams wasn't in any hurry. That's not to say he wasn't all over me though. His hands groped and explored me all over. Luckily gentle enough to keep me from wincing where I was still sore. Of course if he was allowed to grope, then so was I, so I did.
Next came the undressing, and I followed along doing likewise enjoying new discoveries, such as the barbed wire tatoo encircling his right bicep. He must have took pride in his training because everything about Williams was solid.
When he took notice of the bruises on my naked torso, he grew gentler, stroking or kissing them. By that point I could care less what he was doing because my focus was on the massive errection primed like a cannon extending from between his legs.
Salvating at the thought of wrapping my mouth around it I weakened at the knees. Trying to move in that direction, Williams stopped me, "Damn it no, I'm more than ready to shoot this load."
My pout was real, and he moved to take my bottom lip into his mouth sucking ont it lightly. Then he moved lower to one of my breasts, taking the hard nipple into his mouth, and I almost shuddered. I think by then I was more than primed for him, but he wanted more. His hand dropped between my legs finding my wetness as he stroked. He moved to the other breast taking the other hard nipple into his mouth. I writhed on his hand, and it triggered a response from him. He grabbed me up and planted me firmly onto the bed, at the same moment his hard cock slid along between my legs. I let out a gasp which prompted him to grab the shaft of his dick and wickedly tease me with the end of it between my legs. It caused me to react involuntarily arching and writhing as I gasped, "You are so naughty." He dropped his mouth onto the closest extended breast lashing his tongue across the nipple.
Arching further, I grabbed at him catching his trapezus muscles and squeezing. Penetrating me with just the head of his massive cock, forced me to try and thrust upward. His one hand held my hip down as he withdrew. He moved to give my other nipple a tongue lashing as he used his other hand to stroke me. The teasing was pure torture, but I knew it had to be as painful to him as it was for me.
Teasing me again, partially penetrating me I gasped firmly, "I'm ordering you to fuck me lieutenant." He gave my nipple another wicked tongue lashing before he chuckled as he looked at me, "Promise you'll behave." I'd promise to do anything at that point, and I replied, "Promise."
Before I could wonder what he'd have done if I didn't, he moved to slide his massive cock into me. My wet tightness wrapped around him as he pushed further. Although he'd been careful not to hurt me, it still felt as though I was being split in two.
I gasped again, and he teased wickedly, "You're liking being drilled, aren't you?" My nails dug into him as he drove into me again, I moaned, "Oh yeah, I'm in heat!"
He chuckled as he withdrew and slid in again, this time to the hilt. The size and length of him alone could have got me off right there, but I held back slightly to relish the novelty of his massive erection. It took four more strokes with his massive cock before I lost control. The only thing keeping me from screaming out in esctacy was the location, I was sure everyone would hear and come running in on us.
Still, Williams knew because my nails had to be tearing a strip off his shoulders. Regardless, he picked up speed, tearing a strip out of me with his huge loaded dick. Following the rythm and pace I could feel the trembling as the pressure mounted. There was going to be a massive explosion on the base, and it wasn't going to be due to mortar.

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