My first and longest relationship with a couple.  

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12/5/2005 6:38 pm

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My first and longest relationship with a couple.

I was initiated into the lifestyle through a co-worker and her husband who were swingers and who
initially introduced me to Bebe, my first swinging partner. Because we worked together, the co-worker and I never partied together.

In the year following my initial experience, two events changed the status of my relationship with the co-worker and
her husband; I changed jobs and Bebe had to relocate. Before she left Bebe told me that my co-worker Lora and her
husband Rob wanted to have a threesome with me. Bebe set the time and date for the event before she left town.

Lora and Rob were to come to my house on the Friday night after Bebe departed. Bebe wanted to be there to watch the
event but it just didn't work out. I wish she could have been there too, providing guidance to this new set of
circumstances. I was nervous, even though I had been at parties with this couple in the past and had worked with

I decided that I would not make any assumptions and make them suggest or tell me what they wanted at all times. I
found that this was an excellent approach with them and other couples. If they want you to be more aggressive or
forward - they will tell you. In the interim, you don't make a mistake that offends or ruins the evening. As a
single male, the rules and protocols are a little different than when you are a couple. In either situation,
etiquette, respect and basic politeness are important. For single males these attributes are the difference between
Future invitations and being ostracized.

Swinging situations are not always primarily sexual events. They offer opportunities to bond very intimately and discuss things that you couldn't talk about with anyone else. They frequently fill gaps in your life, meeting a need that you haven't been able to fulfill anywhere else. The first engagement with Lora and Rob was more getting to know one another than sex, although we initiated that first sexual contact that had been taboo during our co-worker days.

The interesting aspect to my relationship with this couple was Lora's sexual fantasies and her willingness to share them openly. This aroused great interest in fulfilling them to see just how turned on and orgasmic Lora could become.
Lora's reactions and creativity invoked incredible eroticism. She loved to tease, ask you to do something out of character, insist that you perform in front of her and Rob and loved to conceal her orgasms if you were eating her until she couldn't resist the full body shudder that eventually ensued after 7 to 12 previous orgasms.

What I would like to relate to you in this posting is one of Lora's more creative moments that had lasting influence on all subsequent engagements. On this particular evening, Lora told me to get comfortable (get undressed) at the same time Rob was. After we were both nude she pulled out two pairs of rather large women’s panties. They were very silky and seamless across the front panel and rear-end with lace trimming around the legs. Lora smiled the smile she displayed when she wanted to be dominant with Rob and I in submissive roles. Not B&D or SM, we didn't care for that scene. But, following Lora's lead was usually fun and erotic.

She handed a pair to both Rob and I and told us to put them on. I can imagine what some of you are thinking right now, but this was not a cross-dressing or effeminate effort at all. I have to tell you, they felt pretty good. Then Lora told us to lie down on the bed while she crawled between us. Without grabbing our cocks but gently rubbing the palms of her hand over each of us; she caused us to go nuts and achieve full erection in just seconds.

Lora began masturbating and exposing herself to Rob and I; dictating when we could or couldn't slide our hands over our cocks, when we had to just watch or experience her occasional fondling of our entire genital area. Rob and I both shifted positions, slid sideways on our butts and flexed our abdominals to try and move that silky material over our erections - it felt that good.

After what seemed like hours, Lora allowed us to remove the panties and fuck her - one after the other. Neither of us lasted two minutes and Lora came 4 or 5 times on top of the orgasms she had while she masturbated.

We cleaned up and Lora asked us to put the panties back on. We were allowed to touch ourselves but not orgasm without letting Lora know and then follow her wishes on where and how we should ejaculate. Lora would intercede periodically, lightly stroke our cocks and added a new twist, moving the silky material across our perineums. Rob lost it and came in his panties; as I got close Lora pulled my panties down, had me get on my knees beside her on the bed and then masturbate until I came on her tits. Why I didn't have a heart attack or stroke right then I don't know.

From that time on, those panties played some role almost every time we got together. At times we didn't put them on but just rubbed them over our cocks. It was as good as Viagra in achieving an erection.

BTW - Rob nor I ever wore panties anywhere else except for one evening Lora wanted us to wear them under our clothes to a swingers club. I would have to admit that the slightly deviant aspect of wearing panties probably enhanced the pleasure I derived from them.

If you want to try this, there are some important things to consider for maximum effect:

• The panties need to be large enough to slide over your erection.
• Avoid seams or flys in the front, they ruin the sensation.
• The material needs to be very smooth and silky without any knap to the fabric. (Fabric will feel the same no matter which direction it is moved over your cock)
• Use a very light touch most of the time - it will drive you nuts and help you resist orgasm.

Hope this was enjoyed by most readers. Having an open mind can yield unexpected pleasures.

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11/25/2008 7:01 pm

Fantastic story,if only more people could have a great experience like this with couples.we as a couple try to give the same excitement and pleasure with the ones we choose to be with us.No one has walked away disappointed.Keep on writing great stories like this we enjoy reading them.

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