dont be racist  

rm_puslover09 52M
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5/26/2005 10:54 am

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5/8/2006 10:45 am

dont be racist

Hi, I have found many nationals ignore chat requests from Indian men. Is this not a racial differences these women make ? Are the Indians inferior to any other nationals in the world now ? Every country now wants Indian software professionals to work for them. Indians by and large are on par with any other nationals in excellence in their profession (with perfection).

I have often faced this situation in all major chat rooms. May I request those women to please not to hurt the feelings and not to be a racist.

papyrina 52F
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5/26/2005 12:21 pm

don't take refusals so personally,when i go on messinger its to talk with one guy,so i have to refuse all other guys,no matter what colour,etc

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nightstogether 58M

5/26/2005 12:36 pm

I must admit, I'd refuse people from some contries too, not because I asm racist, but because it is often pointless and leads nowhere. India is a long way away and, to be honest, Indian men don't arouse my sexual interest.

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vengeur 42M  
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5/26/2005 1:16 pm

If you are referring to AMERICAN white women, I could venture to guess that many of them has negative views towards Indian men in general. That's because many Indian men in the USA work in places that white people do not look favorably upon, such as dilapidated convenience stores, car parks, and service fueling stations.

rm_jayR63 60F
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5/26/2005 1:41 pm

"Indians by and large are more good and much better than any other nationals in their profession (with perfection)"

Think about your words. Sometimes putting a galvanized bucket on you head while thinking really hard will help.

Lacking a galvanized metal bucket, an aluminum foil hat will do.

The bottom line is, everyone has their own personal preference. Don't drag out the old racism game.

rm_jayR63 60F
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5/26/2005 7:57 pm

As for you, mr. vengeur, I hope you were just being sarcastic. Indian people in our country hold some very high positions. One of my doctors is Indian

vengeur 42M  
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5/27/2005 1:32 am

jayR63, no, I am merely relaying what I have heard many ignorant white women in America say. Two of my doctors have been Indian, too, by the way.

Anyway, racial preferences are something that we are all within our rights to excercise, and it can be demonstrated in all sorts of ways.

Here is an example: I recently was at a meet and greet party for people who are on this site. Our party was in the sports bar of a large hotel, and there was also an Indian wedding reception taking place in the ballroom that night, with a singer performing songs in Hindi, many little boys wearing Nehru jackets, etc.

Some of us guys at our party took notice of the beautiful Indian women walking around the hotel lobby there, all dressed in their traditional saris, but none of them paid us any mind, not even returning a look or a smile.

Does that mean these Indian women were racist against us white guys? No, they just apparently preferred not to socialize with those whom are not of their own ethnicity, which is something that they can do all that they wish if they prefer. None of us went whining to anybody about this as far as I know.

rm_puslover09 52M
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6/25/2005 8:48 am

Thanks Papyrina, Sextitten25, nightstogether, vengeur and Jay and at the same time i feel sorry too for the way i thought of. I really have forgotten there are good people arround. But instead of ignoring completely you can very well mention that you are busy and ask the caller to call back or that you would call the caller back ?

This could have been a better preposition....right ? This reply would never hurt anyone. If few turns the chat request down, I agree with you all, but if everyone turns down, what do we understand. In some chat rooms I even got messages ( in the common room )" no one wud like to chat with you indians........dont waste your time".....isnt it rude ?

ckingulove 43M/33F  
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10/17/2005 11:19 pm

hello friend, u seem to be self centered!racism is about behavior in public places where some one is discriminated and ill treated and may be kept out of one's public privilages!love n sex r totally out of this domain!they r simply matters of choice!chat or anywhere in the world,anytime, you simply say who u r,may be show urself anyway you like n invite people who u r interested in or who may be interested in you!its for anyone who finds u interesting for any reason that appeals to him/her to respond!till then it is ur business to just wait.u can always improve ur worth in this market place of attracting more people that appeal to ur taste by finding out what may stir them into making contact with u!rest is left to the wind and the scent it carries between u 2!anyhow most of us indian men carry little worth bcs we r so backward about what we do, think and respect/disrespect our own indian women at home-in our own home,in our own society and outside and even the worse we behave at women from developed world which mostly happens to be populated by cucasians-whites.we men-indian men r so much shit,we dare to insult and discriminate black-negroid-men n women in the most uncivilized manner everywhere in the world.its so bad in india even many 5star hotels,including some western international chains hv been keeping people of african origin of negroid race away from thier hotels or parts of hyderabad,patent racism is being practiced by pubs n hotels belonging to even fallowers or psudo fallowers of mahatma gandhi or their kith n kin n no indian man or woman is concerned!that is the amount of shit we hv in us!lets not complain of racism-more so about the choice of women from other cultures who may not like us becs of the shit we r or just bcs they dono anything good about us in the art n craft of love n sex!take good care of ur self, learn a little more ciclization,become a more appealing man, be nice to people of every colour,look for those who may like u and then make merry!

yatri4funda 34M
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10/19/2005 7:21 am

do not overlook Indians. we r going to become super power in the world by 2020 in all fields.

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