Window Dressing  

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Window Dressing

Window Dressing ‒ A Fantasy
Dedicated to Samantha who inspired the story.

There she was leaning on the bar, in a silky red dress, tight on top and flared at the hips with shoes to match. She had dark hair and dark complexion, Mediterranean I guessed. Her ass would have made Jlo hang her head in shame, long shapely legs and medium tits. A pretty spectacular sight all in all and she had the eye of every man in the bar.

She was too good looking, everyone was afraid to approach her. "That’s their problem" I told myself and walked straight up to her. She was resting her elbows on the bar one leg cocked forward and the other locked back which made her ass stick out very seductively. A nice bright red target, it was tempting to slap it as I approached but I knew she'd knock me out if I did. I did the next best thing and said “excuse me ma’am but city ordinance requires you put orange cones out if your going to park an ass that size in the isle way”.

Slowly she turned looking at me out of the corner of her eye over her shoulder. She sized me up in an instant I could tell. “You think a line like that’s going to get you anywhere?” she asked sort of peevishly. This woman had a chip on her shoulder but I kept my cool and told her “I’m not trying to get anywhere except the bar and didn’t want to take a 5 mile detour.” She smirked at that and said “what you don’t like my ass?” I casually quoted Sir Mixalot and half sang “I like big butts and I can not lie…” She actually smiled and said “well you’ve got grit Ill give you that. Bartender set him up with whatever he’s drinking on my tab.”

After that we chatted a while and consumed way too many. It turned out she was celebrating/drowning her sorrows over breaking up with a long standing boyfriend. Finally she made an effort to sit up straight and asked if Id like to help her exact her revenge. All my inhibitions having vanished in a fog of alcohol I readily agreed to get even with the bastard.

We left the bar and had walked a couple of blocks when she pulled me into an alley. We went in a little ways and stopped at a door and she produced a key. She unlocked the door and pulled me inside; she tapped out a security code on an alarm panel which seemed to take a great deal of concentration. She told me to wait there a minute and disappeared into the dark. A couple of minutes went by, I heard some bumps and a couple crashes and then silence until she appeared out of the dark and took me by the hand.

She led me into what appeared to be a retail furniture establishment. We went all the way to the front up some stairs and into the large display in the front window. She sat me in a large roomy leather recliner and proceeded to straddle me and then wrapped her arms around my neck. She brought her face close to mine and asked if I really didn’t like her ass. The closeness of this gorgeous woman the position and the fact that my brain was turned off by the alcohol allowed me to think with the wrong head and forget that we were in full view of anyone passing by.

I responded to her question by reaching behind and down then up under the hem of her dress where I grasped her magnificent firm ass. She moaned, reached down and pulled the lever of the recliner which laid me out almost flat. She planted her lips on mine and we began kissing passionately, her perfume and passion made me instantly hard as a rock. She had to have felt it because she moaned a little and started grinding her crotch into mine. Exploring her ass I discovered that she was wearing hose and garters but no panties. I ran my hands back along her cheeks and thighs with my fingers curled in to caress her pussy which I discovered was very hot and moist. I stopped to probe her outer lips with a finger and found that she was already soaking wet.

She moaned again and pressed herself toward my finger so I obliged and pushed in further. She sucked air between her teeth and then rose up, reached down and undid my belt, pants and zipper. Reaching in she pulled out my cock slid off the recliner and started sucking for all she was worth. At that moment in time it was probably the best blowjob I had ever gotten.

That’s probably why I didn’t notice the spectators. An older couple walked by just as she slid off with her ass toward the window. Her dress hiked up as she bent over and her legs were splayed a bit giving them a full view of her sopping beaver in the light from the street lamp. They stopped and stared, mesmerized, unable to look away. I didn’t find this out until later however.

She licked slurped and sucked for a while and didn’t stop until I pulled her head back to stop myself from shooting my wad. I grasped the base of my shaft to hold off the impending orgasm and she took the opportunity to remove her dress. At that point I thought I heard something but was too drunk and horny to care. Later it turned out that the crowd had grown by three, a couple and a lone guy had stoped to watch.

As the dress dropped to the floor I got my first good look at her body. She was magnificent with a thin waist, tight stomach, long legs and that fabulous tight ass. She had a landing strip of hair above that already sopping pussy. She climb back into my lap grasped my cock and lowered herself onto it. As she did so her head went back and she let out a deep throaty sigh. I grasped her waist and held her still for a moment wanting to savor the grip of her wet silken cunt wrapped around my dick. She leaned toward me and with a deep throaty whisper she told me that this was her boyfriend’s favorite fantasy.

"So this is the revenge" I thought, seemed more like therapy for her than revenge but I wasn’t going to complain. I just responded by pushing her bra up revealing those perfect globes. Of course every pair is perfect when they are in your hands but these were exceptionally nice. Well formed and firmish with large hard nipples. I pulled her to me so that I could suck one and after a moment she pushed away slightly, removed her bra and then started a gentle rocking.

At this point more spectators had arrived and we were beginning to have something of a crowd. Again I don’t notice, but it’s only because i'm lost in the feeling of sliding in and out of her. Both of us were starting to breathe hard and her breath came out in short sharp exhalations each time she slid down.

I grabbed her firm butt and started lifting a bit and then I started thrusting hard on her down stroke. The first stroke caused her to cry out but after that it was a husky grunt on every stroke. I braced my feet on the footrest and started thrusting harder. She grasped the back of the recliner for extra support and after a few more furious thrusts she came and I could feel her juices flow into my lap. I kept thrusting as she gasped for breath. I was ready to blow my wad deep inside her when she crawled off again and this time she was the one to grasp the base of my shaft to stop me from Cumming.

Not yet she said, "I want you to do me from the back over there. ”Over there was an antique chaise lounge. As I surveyied the place she wanted she pulled the handle to drop the foot rest and yanked my pants the rest of the way off. As she did that my eye is drawn first to her and then to the sea of faces gathered outside the window. First I was startled but then since I had no inhibitions left I figured "hell they’ve seen this much lets really give them a show."

So up I got and she led me to the chaise. She was pretty unsteady on her feet, whether that was due to her orgasm or inebriation I cant say but we made it to the furniture and she crawled on to it with her ass toward me and her legs spread. I knelt behind, her positioned my raging hard on at her entrance and drove back in. She braced herself with one arm on the back of the chaise and started rubbing her clit quickly side to side between her fingers.

I started really pounding away and she yelled "YES YES!" suddenly she cried out and grabed the back of the chair with both hands shuddering uncontrollably. I managed to keep control of our bodies and continue thrusting into her hot pussy for all I was worth. I was about to fill her insides and nothing was going to stop me this time. She sensed my approaching orgasm and in a weak but loud voice managed to croak out "no no please cum on my ass.”

"Whatever the lady wanted went through my sex fevered mind and I pulled out just in time to unleash a huge load on her fine ass, and back, and hair, I think I even got some on the drapes behind.

Somehow she managed to get turned around and when I collapsed into the lower part of the chaise she slid down into my lap smearing cum all overt the back of the antique. She grabed my still hard cock places it at the entrance to her cum soaked pussy and said "come on we wont have much time left, just a little more." So being the obliging sort I gathered the rest of my strength and entered her once more.

This time she was lounging back and I could see her tits jiggle with each thrust. Somehow this rejuvenated me and my hard on and I was able to really go at it again. I watched those beautiful breasts jiggle and used one hand to play with them a bit. She reached down and started to rub her clit again and suddenly with no warning I blew my load deep inside her. My orgasm tipped her over and I fell over on her with my head between her breasts as she writhed in her own extasy.

Lying there I heard the sound of applause and realized that our audience was still with us. Adrenaline took over and what ever alcohol hadn’t been burned up in the act disappeared. I found the strength to lift us both up off the chaise and grabbing our clothes I urged her out of the window toward the back of the store. She leaned weakly against the back door and we struggled back into our clothes. I must have dropped my wallet in the rush to get my pants on because as I was zipping up she handed it to me and then stuffed her bra in my back pocket. A souvenir she said.

Once we were dressed I stuck my head out the back door and seeing that the coast was clear I took her hand and tried to lead her out of the store. She stopped me and said that she had some things to finish up inside and that I should go on without her. I wanted to ask for her number or contact info of some kind but she quickly closed the door. I made my way through the alleys out to a different street and caught a cab home.

As we were driving the cabbie asked if I had heard about the couple screwing in the shop window a couple streets over. I said that I had not and wondered to myself at the speed of gossip. A couple days later a package arrived at my door. Inside were a video cassette and a note. The video turned out to be of our session in the window. I was amazed that the little minx had actually taped it. But on the end was something else. She had finished the evening by taking the camera over and taunting her ex who had been tied to a chair the whole time. The note said “Just another souvenir.” I will see you again soon.” It was signed Vengeful Vanessa.

I wonder if she gagged him with her panties.

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That is a wild thought!!!

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