One in a million...  

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3/27/2005 12:56 pm

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9/9/2006 7:20 pm

One in a million...

So, three months in and nothing has cropped up that has peaked my interest at all. Sent some snappy mails, have decent pics and even if I say so myself, I'm good to talk to.

You would think that I would get more action via AdultFriendFinder than I would socially considering the nature of this site. So far in the time I have been here I have slept with four women all of them met socially. It's very tricky being on here really, just an adverage single guy, no threesomes no swinging, half the girls on here are standard members so it's trickier to get in contact, and obviously I have the 'alternative' thing going (music and style tastes, not sexually) so I'm appealing to a limited crowd. All you guys who are scoring in the Kent area (and there are alot of you), congrats, leave some for me tho .

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