total honesty here.....  

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6/6/2006 5:07 pm

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5/30/2008 11:06 am

total honesty here.....

i don't understand men. never will. never have. nor will i ever understand the drive that takes a man from his wife/gf/lover or whatever and puts him completely at the disposal of his boss. girls, did we marry or hook up with these guys paychecks??? don't think so. i think we hooked up with them becuz of THEM. hmmmmmmmmmm.

i love my husband very much but i'm pretty tired of his work always being in the foreground of his life. we went on a weekend getaway this past weekend. he took his workcell with him. ok, i can understand that he has nationwide coverage and it's good to have on the road but these idiots he works for and with decided that it didn't matter that he was 12 hrs from work and really couldn't do anything, they called persistantly anyway. his cell almost ended up in the fuckin' yellowstone river in billings, mt this weekend.

they kept calling him and calling him. they just wouldn't leave him alone and it was sposed to be OUR time together. he doesn't seem to see the problem here so that makes it even more frustrating for me. dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmn.

rm_arthur457 33M
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6/29/2006 5:23 pm

hello i think inever gonna learn about girls never never never i....dont want to bother you i need some new friends

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