Passing undersnippage  

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3/31/2006 12:59 am

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Passing undersnippage

Another seriously hot day. I've been outside, time for a break. My housemate is away again, leaving me practically unlimited air-time; that is, fully nude but for my standard summer wear, a ghastly green giggle hat, flip-up sunnies on my glasses, and aging rubber thongs. My skin is turning a rich and healthy golden brown.

All this nude time is making me horny, and I often break to feel the steel, often outside, where the sun surrounds my cock. I was sitting on the back step, cutting up some packaging with the kitchen scissors, my legs spread and the noontime Australian summer sun lashed my inner thighs and genitals. They're wonderful things and I like to have them cared for, but in the absence of a carer, I moved on from stroking and squeezing to snipping, and gave myself a light trim with the scissors down the underside of my dick, all over my scrote, and down the base towards my arsehole as far as I could see. No nicks!

I couldn't be bothered doing the top, on my abdomen above my cock. I do like partial or full removal, and I have used creams and rotating and manual shavers plenty of times. Such bare genitals make me feel more nude, and more horny, and they truly display the choice, exciting skin of these parts. One can give or get a serious tonguing without the barrier of hair. And nothing quite as slick as juiced up naked skin on naked skin! I do like all natural as well, with the scent and fluid trap, and all the styles and characteristics and diversity of pubic pelts, and heaven knows, I enjoy the occasional pubic sculpture as a work of art or as a statement!

But because there's no one here to take part, or to appreciate my rough trim, after a few minutes' careful snippage, I moved on, tingling from the handling, my balls slightly sticky and deliciously exposed with the curtain of curlies excised. A more detailed effort awaits a girlie's attention, so who will slash my splash while, in fairness, I will shave your cave, as we slide to the heights of pleasure?

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