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3/1/2006 10:30 pm

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Sexy Cyclist

My husband Mike happened to mention one day about the thrill many husbands get from watching their wives being fucked by other men. He wasn't sure how he'd feel, though he would only be threatened if there was any emotion on my side. He said as long as it was animal lust - 'fucking for fucking's sake' - it would be fine.

Then, the very next day, driving home in the rush hour, with me slightly merry, there was this professional-type cyclist we kept passing on clear runs and kept passing us on congested stretches.

Now, I should have told you I love muscular men's legs, and this cyclist was magnificent. He had all nice blond hairs on his legs, too, and this magnificent mane of blond hair did his cause no harm at all! I kept looking at him and hubby noticed. I was tiddly and smiled and giggled. Thew was a "dialogue" with this long-legged cyclist.

I used Mike's words: "I could fuck him for fucking's sake." He said: "Why don't you?"

Next time we passed him, I politely asked him where he was heading. "Training," he said in a foreign accent and then he said something about doing so many kilometres a day. His English was excellent, but with an accent. I then noticed he was handsome - tanned with large blue eyes. I mentioned that he could come over to our place for a drink and a rest if he wanted. He agreed, saying it would fit in with his routine once he'd been told how far away our place was.

We got there ten minutes before him - time enough for me to tart myself up for him. 'I want to be beautiful for him,' I told hubby.

So much make-up, so much lipstick, not one of my dark hairs out of place. Perfume, too, and-of course, my six-inch high heels which people say show off my long legs. I did look a tart.

When the foreign stud arrived, he knew his role. He was Dutch, and with most alarming frankness asked if I fancied him. I admitted it, so while hubby was pouring out a long, cold drink we were locked together in a lovely open-mouthed kiss and I felt this sweet tongue dancing in my mouth. Between hot kisses, I admitted I loved his legs and, in a typical matter-of-fact manner, he suggested I kiss and lick his legs all the way from his knees up!

In his strong grasp I said: "I'd love doing that," and was amazed at hearing myself continue: "All the way up means I'd be licking your arse."

So when my hubby entered the room, he was standing there as I knelt behind him with his lovely arse cheeks spread and my face sweetly stuck between his arse, my hot tongue running all over it. It felt so good. Never had I done this before and I didn't want to stop. Obviously he'd lowered his shorts, so when he turned around, I was confronted by this huge dick. I just snapped my lips around that swollen knob. I knew it was far bigger than my husband's, but was pleased to hear him saying that.

But after I had intimately tasted him, I slowly stripped in front of him, and he did the same. We looked at each other with lust-filled eyes as we prepared to fuck. I was wet just looking at his raw physique, He was what I'd simply call
"magnificent", and I wanted his cock right up my aching cunt. And, in a perverse way, I wanted my husband to watch me being so beautifully fucked by this blond god.

Once more I knelt in from of him and sucked his sweet cock. I had my eyes trained on hubby as I performed the slurp on this Dutch dong. My cunt ached, so when I walked to the settee and turned my back to the stud, it was no snub. I presented my arse for his inspection, my arms resting on the back of the settee.

Instinctively, he returned the compliment and gave me a right devastating arse lick - so disgustingly crude - and then just suddenly shoved his Dutch dick in. I turned around to see hubby's right arm moving - his fist was concealed by the table - and I felt a hard dick ramming and jamming me. I came off there and then, and then let him turn me around. Now his strong arms
separated my legs and his hard body came on to me. His cock once more found a welcome home. My legs wrapped around his back as he moved up and down.

I knew my stud friend couldn't take much more, so when we disengaged, I sat on the settee with his cock hovering menacingly by my face, I got my mouth round it. Only a dozen or so hard and violent shakes of the head and the blond came off in my mouth. His come was so creamy, rich and tasty - like foreign food. And he was foreign.

Finally, he disengaged, and it was into the kitchen for some food. As he stood, once more my lust for his arse manifested itself. I knelt behind his beautiful legs and licked and kissed his shapely bum crack - my hot, evil tongue wriggling around it. Oh, I really loved it, and
hubby was fondling himself unconcealed.

We ate, then that foreign erection once more found its mark - another hour of good shafting, sucking and arse-licking. I even came off on his slippery tongue before, once more, he gave me another mouthful of his Continental cream.

He belonged to a Dutch cycling club whose members make regular visits here. He's given me the name and address of his club so I can get in touch with other muscular cyclists.

rm_lostlaurel 48F

3/1/2006 11:43 pm

I CAN TELL YOU THIS! I REALLY TRIED DUTCH THIS WINTER SEASON AND IT WAS GLORIOUS! MET HIM IN ADULT CAM ACTION AND TRAVELED TO HOLLAND WHERE E-VE-RY-THING WAS BIG! wouldnt exchange our one-on-one sex for nothing in the world. we are seing each other again next summer. I can tell you what is creamy, suculent and tasty! I love sex with european guys! so unhibited and fre spirit! love french and dutch! the best.

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