Ya can't have what you want......  

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4/11/2005 8:31 am

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Ya can't have what you want......

So my luck on AdultFriendFinder has been pretty much zilch as of late. The one reason I do check in here is the blog. Its nice to be able to vent when you don't have any close friend that you would confide things in.

The woman that messaged me last week..... the one that that I was not as close as she might have thought by my profile, but still close enough to meet... never replied to my message (there is 20+ minutes wasted on a reply).

On the flip side, totally unrelated to AdultFriendFinder is the woman I used to chat and cam with 7 years ago. When I say cam, I simply mean video chat, nothing more. She was 26 when we met online, I was 32. She was smart, beautiful and funny back then and still is today. She is miles and miles and MILES away. Was single when we first started talking and now married with kids.

Its been an interesting week to say the least. No there will never be anything more than an online friendship between us but it has been very nice chatting and flirting. I don't think she is happy in her current situation, to be honest it sounds like her husband is taking her for granted and is a work-a-holic. What a numbskull - he seems to assume (and has told her) that she would NEVER look at other men, and trust me, she turns heads where ever she goes. She has been told she looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones and I agree.

How is this for long term planning? She may be in Chicago in January and, as of now, we plan on finally meeting and my guess we will ONLY have lunch. Some friendships are not worth screwing up with by bringing in sex (I can't belive I said that!).

hope you all have a great day.

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