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4/8/2005 8:02 am

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I honestly have nothing brilliant to say this morning but felt the need to say something.

The order in which posts appear on the 'list' is strange to me, other fellow bloggers that posted hours after me yesterday had their posts show up - yet mine didn't surface for others to view for 12 hours. Thats a wee bit frustrating and I wish I knew what the procedure was for getting your blog posts up as fast as possible.

No matter, right now I am just trying to wake up. Anyone watch the US version of the show Big Brother? I plan on going to a live casting call tonight near me. No, I will not be trying out - thats NUTS. But as sex goes.... thats one of the few reality shows here in the usa that has had confirmed sex between players - and it was captured live on the internet (the participants were under a blanket but there was no doubt). So it might be an interesting day watching the people that try out for the show!!

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