Cut and paste this testimonial!!!  

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4/17/2005 9:18 pm

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Cut and paste this testimonial!!!

Way back when, sometime last year (PB - pre-blog), I was surfing profiles by picture I guess and viewing the ones that caught my eye. For me that usually means clicking on the ones with an actual face picture.

One particular profile was for a lady somewhere in Texas.... and there was a long elegant testinmonial on her page. Less that 3 or four profiles later I came across a woman in the Chicago area with the same testimonial by the same guy. I wrote to the woman in Texas on a whim and she replied that she knew the guy had posted the same one all over the place.

Again tonight I came across that testimonial, but reading it tonight I caught something I had never seen before... I am trying to figgure out if it is a typo or intentional. I suspect he wrote it and missed the typo - then just cut and pasted it to all the women's rofiles in his network.

I guess this guy considered his testimonial some kind of award or something.

His membership is now gone so I have taken the liberty of lifting the testimonial off of one profile for you reading enjoyment.....

"There are a select number of women on this planter who simply epitomize the very ideal of femininity, this is one of those rare goddesses! With an alluring sense of charm, elegance, wit, intelligence, attractiveness, and personality, you find your breath taken away by this stunning woman! You can only imagine what a delightful experience she will be every moment, both in bed and out. She is the type of woman who is at her best in a Dior black dress, on the arm of a Armani tux-clad gentleman, as the two of us go into the opera! Refined and cultured, she is simply stated . . . dazzling. As the consummate fan of all things beautiful, I am honored to count her among my network, “The Circle of Elegance,” that is made up of the most appetizing women from around the world! I hope that you find both her inner and outer beauty to be as magnificent and breath-taking as I do! "

Did you catch at least one of the typos?

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/18/2005 6:17 pm

You got it Frustrated - the planter - I didn't notice it until I was cutting and pasting it last night

I suppose Armani is another mistake

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