Cattyness... its a female thing, I wouldn't understand...  

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4/17/2005 11:33 am

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Cattyness... its a female thing, I wouldn't understand...

Just joking, men and women can both be 'catty' but I was thinking of one particular thing when I said this. Allow me to begin todays ramble..... then tell me if men and women are equally 'catty.'

I have a lot of female friends, I am one of those guys that seems to be able to communicate more easily with women than men. I know a lot of women who also say they have more male friends than women. Perhaps this is why we are here, who knows.

Anyways, something has happened a couple of times recently and I wondered if it was the way most people are or if it is a tendancy more towards women.

Example #1 - A month or so ago I was talking to a woman whom I was formerly involved with. She ended the relationship but we have remained pretty good friends. While I do not really care to hear the gorey details about her current relationship she occasionally asks me about my 'love life' and what is going on with it. So one day I sent her off a picture of a woman I had been involved with, just a face picture and the woman happens to be in her early 30's. My friends response was that she looked older than either of us. Why say this (and I didn't agree but what is the point in arguing?)???? To me it was a little dig, and part of me wondered if it was jealousy or something. You shouldn't really 'knock' someone like that when you know the person you are talking to has been involved with that person.

Example #2 - Last week, while talking with another woman that I have known for a very long time (but never been more than friends with) I related the story of a woman I had been involved with for a very long time. Curious she asked if I had a picture of her. Again I sent off a picture, another G rated shot. This womans reply was that the pictured woman wans't very attractive.... (fwiw the woman in this picture had been told by some she could appear in playboy - I mean she isn't bad looking at all). Again I was perplexed, why say bad things about a person when you know the person you are telling these things had a relationship with the pictured person??


Ok, part of it I am sure is jealousy, or is it cattyness? Do women (in general) feel the need to knock other women? I just don't get it.

As for myself, I have many times been shown pictures of men sent by women, while I may not reply with 'wow he's handsome' or 'what a hunk!' I never would reply with 'he looks so old' or 'he looks kinda trashy.'

Now my bet is the women that reply here are going to agree that they do not do it either, but we all know some do. Being a guy I don't have the same viewpoint as a woman would, can you clue me in?

Is this the norm for both sexes, or so you think women are more prone to reacting this way?

thanks and have a great day!!

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papyrina 52F
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4/17/2005 5:02 pm

as a rule i think i'm pretty fair,like bella on here she's gorgous and some others are plain,if an ex were to send me a pic of his new one ,i would go for the no comment or be a bitch depending on if i still wanted him or not

I'm a

i'm here to stay

PailsDiverHonks 57F

4/17/2005 7:00 pm

Well, here goes...I think it is a female thing. I know I’m catty! I don’t think I would reply to you the way your two friends did if you had sent me photos of past or present friends but I have been known to talk about someone or thing (opps, there is the cattiness again).
It’s the way our brain works. I don’t know why we do it. Get a few bored housewives together one afternoon. You would have a riot writing about the things that were said.


4/18/2005 10:19 am

Nick, excellent blog! and really like your your stuff. As for topic, is amazes me (ladies pardon my generalization here) that this alluring extraterrestrial species can judge us more on what we Don't say than what we do (which is actually painfully correct more times than not), but entirely forgets how revealing this rubric is of there own guarded thoughts. Take care

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