Brad Pitt..... could it be?  

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/1/2005 8:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Brad Pitt..... could it be?

Ok ladies, its me..... I have been reading how you all fantasize about me and now you know I am actually here on the site. You may now proceed to throw yourselves at me

Well, someone had to say it today!!

and I see we need to add "Foolish" to the mood list...

PailsDiverHonks 57F

4/1/2005 5:01 pm

LOL, you read my "more about me" page

TakesTeatsStood 51M
505 posts
4/1/2005 10:35 pm

I did indeed And ty for the comment, I just complained that no one said anything and then your comment shows up. Sometimes the delay on this site can make ya look foolish!!

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